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  1. Yoyo wassup, all? Got a question about filtering EQ.

    Filtered some Test-E, tren-E, and Deca with some bottle top filters. They were suspended in GSO and filtered in a smooth hassle free fashion in the 7-13 psi range at 300mg/ml. I just tried to filter pure EQ with the same type of setup but the oil is so goddamn thick even 27 psi wouldn't make it budge.

    My questions(s) are
    1) If I wanted to filter pure EQ with no solvents, what psi would I need to reach?

    2) I could thin it out with EO, GSO, BB, and umm something else I can't recall right now. But what would you recommend/what have you had success with?

    Thanks, homies.
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    2) GSO is thick, try MCT, my favourite carrier :)
  3. Update, fam.

    I used GSO, BA,BB, & EO as solvents. BB was roughly ~12% EO was ~6% and BA was ~1.45% The EQ concentration ended up at 300 mg/ml.

    Still had to bring the temps to upwards of 115 C but then yes, it filtered smoothly. 5-15psi as the temp went down.

    I can't find my other oil. I can't even recall what the fuck it was. But guess it doesn't matter right now. Not brewing again for a couple years. see ya