Filtering Setup - What's after bottle tops?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by nkosibaas, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. nkosibaas

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    Hey guys - if one were allegedly brewing and wanted a better setup than a bottle top filter, media bottle, and vacuum pump (either hand powered or electric) - what's the next best setup you go for?

    Peristaltic pump? Connected to what? How would you put that together? I'm curious what people would consider the next stage in the progression of quality filtration equipment...
  2. Next stage? Wat are you trying to accomplish? Faster? Cleaner?

    If you want faster, why? Are you selling 10k/wk in gear and working a full time job or 2?

    Cleaner? You can only get something so clean... if it's free of contaminants, theres nothing left to clean out...

    Just my opinion...hey, maybe you are selling that much gear
  3. SuperSwede

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    It’s good as it is. Nalgene red topfilter (nylon)
    Glass media bottle instead of the shitty bottle they come with that melts or crack. A quality brake bleeder. Perfect for me :D
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  4. wedorecover

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    Well some of use are still using a caulking gun and Syringe filters:(
  5. SuperSwede

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    I also use syringe filter if i brew like 100-200ml.
    300ml and up i put up the juice rig :D
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  6. wedorecover

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    Ya im only messing with 100ml at a time ... but thinking about stepping up to a better set up if u don’t mind some day shoot some pics to my pm of ur set up I’d like to check it out
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  7. ickyrica

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    Same here, syringe unless it's going to be a few hundred ml or more.
  8. SuperSwede

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    Yeah i can send pic to your pm next time i use it, no problem.
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  9. Obeast88

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    Wouldn’t mind if you would pm me a shot of your setup also I’m looking into purchasing a nice setup just about to grab a used autoclave to have instead of the oven.
  10. Jeffg353

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    Simple vacuum pump wired up to a light switch.
    Connected to bottle top filter
    Make sure to use a glass media bottle like this
    Cuz this is what happens to the cheap plastic ones
    Transfer from media bottle with pipette
    Or bottle top pump
    Vial stopper cap n crimp
    Crimpenstein automatic crimper

    Autoclave to sanitize all glassware

    Can upgrade to a buchner all glass filter setup
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  11. SuperSwede

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    That autoclave looks nice. I really want to have one :)
  12. Jeffg353

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    Ebay for like $300
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  13. LordSamuilo

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    Yeah a perstaltic pump and capsule filters would be the next step up to bottle tops . Its not any more sterile and only really makes sense if your pumping out 1500-2000+ml per brew . Thats really the only advantage though is brewing more volume faster . Perstaltic pumps are quiet too , so if you have nosy neighbors or something I guess its better than running a noisy ass vac pump. But thats a pretty dumb reason imo .
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  14. TideGear

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    What's the advantage to the all glass filter setup?
  15. picholas

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    Longevity. If you have an autoclave or dry heat clave to sterilize glassware then you don't have to worry about replacing the plastic components that break through wear and tear. You would just need to replace the filter membrane.

    That and it's shiny and looks cool.
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  16. Praeceptorem

    Praeceptorem Member

    That’s really a nice set up!!! You can get autoclaves on eBay ? Lol I’m gonna look now.
  17. RYDER80

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    Quick question fellas: So, I've never brewed 2 compounds in 1 yet.. I was wondering this: I only have 1 syringe filter left and have a little tren a and test p powder. Since, I only have 1 filter left I was going to make a blend.. Can I brew 100mg of each together? So, I would use 4 grams of each to make 40cc of testp/tren a @ 100mg each? Would have any issue with it holding since technically it would be 200 mg total.. 100mg of each..?
  18. LordSamuilo

    LordSamuilo Member

    I make a prop/tren/mast blend at 300 mg per ml , but ive only made it with 100% EO. I dont know if it would hold in just regular gso ot mct though , even at 200mg it would be close to the edge of what would hold.

    Just for reference I make the tri-blend with 1/24% ba bb , in 100% EO . But if you dont have EO give it a whirl at 1/20-22% ba bb in gso/mct and if it doesnt hold just cut it back to 150mg .
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  19. picholas

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    Can confirm, first go. Got the pressure up to 300 and it was working fine. Walked away do to stuff, came back, cracked.

    Media bottle is coming soon.
  20. You can in fact do this. 20%bb should work and it may have some bite to it. Will take some patience to get it dissolved.
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