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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Evers, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Evers

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    Hi guys I just brew my own roids for the first time and got a little question.

    So I brew 3 components, Test E, tren and Boldenone. I finished yesterday night and at this time it was still filtering the Test E. Nalgene .22 filter with a vacuum pump. As I didnt wanted to wait to long, I just keep filtering the Test E over night and I put the finished Tren and Boldenone already in top of the other filters so the next day I could just swap the pump. Now this morning when I checked, all the 3 liquids went already through the filter, however only the Test E had a vacuum.

    Now my question is how is this possible that the other 2 solutions went through with out a vacuum and if they are now saves to use or not?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. SuperSwede

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    Ok. So if it went through the filter into the reciever flask then it must be filtered i guess. I never tried without vaccum, so have no clue really
  3. Iron Vett

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    What is the material the filter membranes are made of?
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  4. Evers

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    Thanks. Yeah I guess so too, but just found it strange because if it goes through without vacuum I wouldn't have needed a pump.
  5. Evers

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    They are made of polyethersulfone.
  6. SuperSwede

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    Ok, you should not use PES to steroids, use nylon or pvdf.
    Pes is for water solutions, BB is not good with PES
  7. Iron Vett

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    The BB may have degraded the filter membrane and allowed it to flow through without being filtered
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  8. master.on

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    Also, it's possible that excess vacuum ruptured their membranes.

    Unless you have some sort of 'vacuum limiting safety valve'
    never leave filters unattended.
    @Evers Did you leave the pump on all night?
  9. Iron Vett

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    He had two filters empty into the media bottles with no vacuum
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  10. Johne71

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    Sounds like you vacuumed enough air to pull the remaining liquid. It wouldn’t be unheard of to continue to filter the remaining volume. I’d play it safe and refilled anyway as you can’t be sure it was membrane degradation or failure.
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  11. Evom1

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    No, those filters never had a vacuum attached Re read the first post
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  12. Johne71

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    Ahhh. See what you’re saying now. Sounds more like a membrane/solvent issue like you mentioned. I misread.
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  13. Evers

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    Thanks bro good to know! Will next time buy some nylon or pvdf. But do you think its still able to use when filtered through PES?
  14. Evers

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    Shit that would be bad!
  15. Iron Vett

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    Yes. PES filters shouldn’t be used for gear. Nylon is much better
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  16. DrDylan

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    It happened to me many times too infact i don't use anymore vacuum pump, i just let it sit overnight NEVER HAD ANY INFECTION OR PROBLEMS but it's just experience comment (mine) so don't take my words as guarantee
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  17. Evers

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    Thanks bro, good to know that it worked fine by someone else!
  18. Breakneck

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    I'm interested in this as I used a Whataman needle filter and that sucked fuckin bad.

    I've bought the sterile container units but no vacuum yet.
    Why wouldn't you just buy a vacuum? I've heard people say it took :15 to do a good volume.
  19. Grandpa Gainz

    Grandpa Gainz Member Supporter

    Syringe filter are a pia. I’m gonna use a
    Bottle top next brew! What kind are u using? The only thing that makes me nervous about them is I read about them cracking with improper pressure. With that said I think I’m gonna try a brake bleeder for the first couple attempts.
    Please post how it went when you’re done. I’m curious about the electric pump and pressure! Ty
    No more syringe filters. Lol.
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  20. Keepittight

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    @Evers you got a bubble gut man