Final overview of my first cycle

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by agpando, May 20, 2007.

  1. agpando

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    I've done this a couple times before but I have finally come up with what my cycle is going to consist of because I've made some changes. This is what I plan on doing:

    Dbol - wk 1-4 @ 30mg a day
    Test Cyp - wk 1-12 @ 250mg Monday and Thursday
    hcg - wk 1-12 @ 500iu on Wednesday(just picked Wed since its in between monday and thursday)
    arimidex - wk 1-12 @ .5 EOD
    nolvadex - Start 2 weeks after my last shot of test @ 40mgs for one wk, then 20mgs for 4 wks
    I plan on picking up some Milk Thistle just to help with my liver since i know that not only the Dbol is toxic and hard on everything, but so is the rest of the stuff.

    My stats are:
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 187lbs
    BF% - Probably around 8-10

    This is my first cycle, so I'm not too sure about what gains I should expect from this. I was wondering if while I'm taking my DBol if it should be taken on the weekends or just strictly on my workout days which is Monday through Friday and I have 10mg pills and should I take 2 before I workout and then one at night or split it up evenly 3 times a day? I'm pretty confident in my pct since thats what I took the most time putting together a correct way to do it. If anybody has any ideas or different views on how I should run things that would be great. I really don't understand how to mix the HCG, so if anybody could help me out there that would be good too. Another thing along with my HCG use, after my last shot of test, should i run it at 500iu EOD for one week and then cease the use and start up the nolvadex the week after @ 40mgs ED for one week then drop down to 20mgs ED for 3 consecutive weeks? Thanks for all your help guys I really do appreciate it, and if anybody is interested in knowing my gains and how the cycle went I'll definitly let you know. I should be starting this in about 2 or 3 weeks hopefully, depending on when I get my HCG and the rest of my test.Thanks again everybody!
  2. Preacher

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    I will comment only I what I know, others will help you out later.

    First thing is you should know everything there is before ordering.........

    Dbol - should be taking every day 3x a day u said you have 10mg pills then take one morrning, noon and night everyday.....some peeps have some serious back pumps on Dbol so watch out for this...

    Test seems fine, just make sure your injecting in the right spots and you rotate spots...

    I have never taken arimidex or hcg. so thats up to others to chime in I have read alot about them but will not coment on something I have never taken......... It drives me nuts when others just repeat what someone else has said. anywho. Good luck and If your DIET and training are properly in place you should look to gain about 15-20lbs. Your most important thing is your DIET though, it will determine everything.
  3. jsupstarz

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    Well, take the dbol at least 5 weeks, not 4 or you may crash. Second don't take the nolva unless you NEED IT, especially while taking adex as well.
  4. Ironhorse

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    I would start the hcg in week 6 on through unless you notice any shrinkage before then. The rest looks good though. You'll gain 20lbs easily on your first cycle. I gained almost 30 my first cycle, and I only used test for 10 weeks. Only kept about 15lbs because I gained fat and retained water too. Good luck! Listen to Preacher too, diet is key grasshopper.
  5. HDH

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    I wouldn't start the A-dex or the hcg unless you need it. There are guys that don't need either. There is no sense in taking drugs for something that you don't know you'll even have a problem with. I have never used HCG. I always wait until I need the AI before I start it.

    This is your first cycle. It is a learning time for you. You can't tell what your body needs or doesn't if you take stuff before you learn.

  6. advanced-stealth

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    Good advice HDH

  7. dennis

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    HDH is right..i have several drugs on hand that many times do not get used because i do not get the symtoms that would require that drug...but..and a big BUT...I would use hcg the entire cycle,every cycle at 500 ius ew..there are too many study's out there that prove the effectiveness of this drug...I want my testes ready to rock and roll when i start pct so i use hcg everytime.
  8. agpando

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    does it matter which days I take the hcg and should I split it up 250 at two different times a week?
  9. Ironhorse

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    It probably doesnt matter, but I do.
  10. dennis

    dennis Member

    I use all 500 ius at once per week on the same day every week.towards end of cycle i will increase to 750 ius and do this like eod for a week.