Finally legit gyno (need help)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by FiEnD, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. FiEnD

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    So finally i have some signs of gyno.

    Sensitive nipples
    When i feel deep behind my left nipple its sore and i can feel a small lump like the size of a BB
    Even overly emotional

    I have anastrozle on hand and started at .25 once a week then upped it to .50

    I feel i need to up it but i dont want to crash.

    What does everyone suggest?

    No bloods right now but E2 was on the high side when running legit trt at 110mg/wk

    Currently running 250mg/wk
  2. JackSmooth

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    Run nolva or Ralox immediately. If you have neither and must order one, I’d suggest ralox.
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  3. BigNattyDaddy

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  4. Arcânn

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    nolva seems to be the common suggestion for this issue
  5. Test_Subject

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    Pharma raloxifene, or nolva if you can't get ralox.

    Do yourself a favour and don't blast it with letro like some yahoo will no doubt recommend.
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  6. penche

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    Since you don’t have a blood panel you got me shooting in the dark a bit. However, I’d go with .5mg adex 3X a week for 250 Test a week. Combined with 20mg nolva everyday until gone. Go pharma ancillaries for sure because tits are forever
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  7. Santana

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    Listen to Penche^.... he got me thru my gyno issue! Worked out perfectly and didn’t effect my gains.
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  8. FiEnD

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    Good lookin out man
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  9. FiEnD

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  10. Jstone2

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    Raloxifene never worked as well as nolva for me. I have even used raloxifene straight from Walgreens, and it has never been as effective for me.

    For gyno treatment use 20mg of nolva for the first week and 10mg a day until gone. This is more than enough to reverse gyno, 40mg per day is excessive.
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  11. penche

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    Battled gyno about 5 differ times. Havnt lost a battle yet ;).
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  12. Breakneck

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    Yea get nolvadex to stop the gyno at the nipple. Then an ai to deal with the high estrogen.

    Consider getting bloods so you know what estrogen was at that caused this. In the future it'll be valuable.
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  13. Gaynz39

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    Finally Legit gyno? Sounds like you’ve been shopping around for this shit to no evail until now?
  14. LOL. i was just about to say something similar. Like, finally! After years of trying, i finally got legit gyno.
  15. Caber, and letro
  16. FiEnD

    FiEnD Member

    Lmao! I dont run an ai unless its completely necessary even with high E2 values. It was only a matter of time lol
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  17. Gaynz39

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    I usually don’t either, unless I run a dose of test that I know I need it at.
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  18. roastdawg

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    I use 20mg nolva and 30mg ralox. The thinking is that since I get both off the internet if one is bunk I'm still covered as long as the other is legit. It's worked for me so far. Takes awhile and you should drop your test dose to be safe while you handle it.
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  19. FiEnD

    FiEnD Member

    Still haven't started nolva. My source sent the wrong shit so here i am waiting through the weekend.

    Also, today is the day i pin and i think im going to not only drop my dose of Test (obviously) but im going to give it a day or two for my levels to keep dropping before i inject. - makes sense right?
  20. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    Dropping your dose can make things worse fix problems with ai then make your decision after that