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    HeyDudeItsSky Junior Member

    This is tren? I dont get it, you can buy it online from AMAZON??
    [ame=] Finaplix-H Cartridge (10 Dose): Home & Garden[/ame]

    What do you need to do? Is there a process after you get them or do you just take it? What is a human dose?

    Give me all and any info anyone may have on this, send links to articles etc.

    BTW, I'm 3 weeks into a 10 week Sust 2cc/wk and Decca 1cc/wk now, I wanted to know for a cycle I may do later this summer!

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    HeyDudeItsSky Junior Member

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    Grappler76 Junior Member

    Yes, it`s tren.

    Just google fina conversion kits and you`ll find plenty.

    300mg is a good weekly dose.
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    goldfox Junior Member

    guys dont do AAS home,not safe!and then shot it, no way
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    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    bro you need to learn how to write so people understand wtf you are saying! wait, never mind, nobody cares! :p

    get the conversion kits and do it yourself! that way you are sure you have real shit. just know that it is a process and you will have to follow it to the t and with the filtering and everything it is a pain in the as so just be sure you understand the process!
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    dujanw21 Junior Member

    So if you want to use this steroid (finaplix-h) you have to process it yourself?
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    NavyIron04 Junior Member

    Easy way:
    buy finaplix-h or component-th
    buy a conversion kit
    read basskiller's "fina conversion"
    there are about 3 easy methods on his website. There is a "crystal fina" method too that I use, but don't do it unless you've got the equipment and the know-how.
    follow instructions
    smile at your creation

    If you want to use fina these days you either have to trust your dealer if he has some, or make it yourself.
    It is STILL illegal to use fina... even if all you do is crush up the pellets and snort them (not that that does any good).

    Also fina without test is a big mistake for most people. I only know a handful of people that say they are fine with just fina... and I know none of them personally.
    Then again if you're fine with not being able to perform sexually for the duration of the cycle or if you happen to be one of the world's only bodybuilding priests... go for it.

    Personally, I don't think I could ever bring myself to try just fina by itself. I'm a manwhore and I like it.

    As far as "fina kits" go... they're just empty vials, a vial of solvent, and a vial of oil with some needles and cases. If you know what you're doing, what the solvents are, and where to look... you could build 10 "fina kits" yourself for the same price as one from popular fina kit websites.
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    lastchance Junior Member

    Just be sure you follow all the steps. I had great success with it. I need to thank all the guys here that put up with my newbie, long winded, nonsense questions. Second time is cake, easy[:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)] First time well :eek::eek::eek: JUST FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS. Good luck!
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    pupspetsupply Junior Member

    As Finaplix is an anabolic steroid you can use it for bodybuilding purpose but i do not have it cycle knowledge but you can search for it.
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    Jimmyinkedup Well-Known Member

    Finaplix H is tough to gt now and the prices are outrageous. IIRC they actually stopped producing it a few years ago - so what was vail was what was left in stock. Proces are ridiculous on it now.
    The new product is called revalor 200 and is priced like fina used to be.
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    Jimmyinkedup Well-Known Member

    Whoa I need to add the conversion process is different. Its like a synovex to prop conversion as this new product contains estrodiol as well.
    Damn sorry I forgot to post that!
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    biggerben69 Well-Known Member

    I remember 10 plus yrs ago just grinding up those pellets and getting a jar of dmso and throwing it on my thighs.
    Then I moved on to making that beautiful golden oil.
    Now you gotta rinse rinse rinse like with syno? No big deal. Still doesn't make sense for me with tren being so readily available and so affordable.

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