Finasteride induced hypogonadism

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    Hi ,

    I am 22 years old , 170 lbs 6'1 always fit and healthy . testosterone was 816 ng/dl (dermatologist tested prior to prescribing propecia) before this nightmare happened , unfortunately don't have E2 or DHT .
    I am suffering from hypogonadism induced by finasteride , I only took 5 pills and a week after quitting all hell broke loose dry skin , shrunken testicles and penis , numb penis . I went to an endocrinologist a month later and he priscribed me clomid 50 MG every day , after 3 days my testicles came back full size , so did my skin Oiliness , my muscles and flaccid penis size and every side effect reversed . I couldn't take more than 10 days of Clomid even 12.5 every other day ( panic attacks , unstoppable crying ...) testicles shrunk within 5 days of quitting , fast forward 4 months later testosterone came back 377 ng/dl and I was feeling worse than even . I tried nolvadex 40/40/20/20 at the end Test came back at 739 ng/dl but testes did not came back in size and 4 weeks later test came back 392 ng/dl . Is there a way to fix this with nolva only ( long term then tapper) , I am willing to do a long term plan but can't take Clomid even 1 MG . Please help me I want to do whatever it takes to restore rather than go on TRT at 22 . I am suffering from brain fog , insomnia , numb penis , shrunken testes muscle ,strength loss and lethargy all the time . I am still in shock and disbelief that this happened my life is almost over at 22 . I was sharp , strong , driven and successful at work and school . Please help .
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    A significant minority of people appear to have a genetic abnormality whereby drugs that bind strongly to the androgen receptor causes permanent damage. Some people recover in time. Like years. Some people never recover.

    clomid generally is well tolerated despite the bro logic you read. Since you're having trouble with that, I would suggest psychiatric drugs. As well, it's been my experience that pretty much everyone on these sites who obsess over their balls and penis tend to have major psychiatric problems.

    One concern is that 377ng/dl is very low after 4 months of clomid. Generally, people with propecia problems do recover normal baseline test levels in time, but still have other problems. Given your age, perhaps there are some nutrition problems here.

    All that said, you need to get to the point where you are able to think clearly and have a normal level of energy. This has to be your #1 priority.
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    Nothing good to say, but thought this was funny..... spit my chicken and rice out on this for some reason
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    OP I'd suggest you check out the Mens Health Forum and @Michael Scally MD thread;

    finasteride (5-AR) Induced/Associated Effects;
    for evidence based information.
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    And as you have already opined (correctly IMO), since many with 5-AR related adverse effects have pre-existing psychological issues, hormone therapy or manipulation often fails to provide a answer for those in search of such priorities.

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    Your physician should report this to both the larger medical community at large and MedWatch []. If he/she needs assistance, let me know.
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    Dudette, I am familiar with the cite as well as others by the same researchers. [Finasteride [5ARI] Induced/Associated Effects & Why Is Androgen Replacement in Males Controversial? ]

    The study in no way shows "A significant minority of people appear to have a genetic abnormality whereby drugs that bind strongly to the androgen receptor causes permanent damage." The conclusion makes no finding remotely close to your post. In fact, the study is essentially worthless.

    Further, anyone with even the slightest/basic understanding of GWAS would know a N=66 is of no meaning, NONE. But, dudette, you have done a service to Meso in that others will now know you are not to be trusted.

    IOW, FOS.
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    I am in fact very familiar with genetics in a wide variety of situations, particularly with psychology. 66 cases is certainly not enough to prove anything with certainty, but it is enough to warrant larger studies. That's how it works. That was simply the first study that came up. I'm not here to prove anything, but to help out a kid. Some hyperbole is warranted to provide a simple answer.

    But, I've dealt with you before, and I'm very familiar with old guys of your generation. Genetics is too new of a science for you to really be familiar with it. Worse, the implications of it - for example, that intelligence is entirely genetic - is impossible to accept.

    Besides, old geezer dude, It's not like you have a competing theory for post propecia syndrome.
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    I got the physical and mental sides..See my post here in the men health section..Basically 160lbs cause of lower for 10 years and stopping fin your hormones start dropping..I was an avid long distance runner for years who has kept a food journal..I could run less and less..Body compostiton totally changes and enorm ous amount or water baby like fat all over torso even bicep area..Just like they said here I saw Mark Gordon in LA went n clomid and trt and everything is back up but some effects remain..Menatlly is much better now but body is even worse..Up to 224lbs now about 60lbs gained..It appears affects of test or near nothing in certain areas possible insentive receptors or metabolizing and small amount of androgen or some sort of genetic cause of lowering dht..My hair also dried up and looks horried and skins became very dry..It has improved some...