Finding TRT Doctors

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rugerjitsu, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. rugerjitsu

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    whats the best way to find one?
  2. Gbro

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    I went to my primary and asked him to check my test. It was that simple.
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  3. Evom1

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    Or just use an online hrt clinic
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  4. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    Didn’t know that was an any sites to recommend? I’m visiting my GP next week, he’s my first option, but if things don’t go well, I’ll need options!
  5. Xlgx

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    Cratus or titan
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  6. Evom1

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  7. BigNattyDaddy

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    Anti-aging clinics
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  8. NorthMich

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    I was going to use Entourage, but my natty levels were too high. Otherwise they were great to work with.
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  9. Genghis K.

    Genghis K. Member Supporter

    @rugerjitsu, there's a lot of money being made in TRT and anti-aging these days. A ten minute search should produce numerous choices, regardless of your location.
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  10. NorthMich

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    In didn’t have that luck at all in my area. Endos, sure. But no clinics around. I was surprised, as there’s a lotta old dudes with $ around here
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Most gp Dr's won't fuck with trt. Had a buddy going to Titan age clinic shit. It was costing him $385 a month Bloods every 3 months not included. I walked into a urologist said check my test please i think it's low. A week later 150 mg test c a week. I see him every 6 months. Told my primary about it just to be open so we are all on the same page. FYI my first urologist moved to far away so I went to another one dos the same shit. Brought him my blood work. Picked up my test and arimidex on the way home from cvs. Also see him every 6 months.
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  12. rugerjitsu

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    Yeah man, I’m not good with $400/month type of shit. Sounds like I should look up urologists in my area.
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  13. Evom1

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    Entourage is $130
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    HIGHRISK Member

    I pay $60 for 6 months of supplies and test and a $10 copay once every six months. Bloods included.
  15. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    Check out Hollywood health out of fla.
    Also Boston testosterone partners.
    Online clinics
  16. Oncewild

    Oncewild Member

    Check around, it isn’t all the hard to find at all. I live in a little rural town and my general doc even agreed to check my test and help me when I came back low. Granted I think I was her first trt patient—she did the general newbie recommendation of 200mg every two-weeks, but quickly changed to weekly when I brought her literature. After just over a year and talking with another bud who is similarly situated, he convinced to visit his gp. He’s proven great and super easy. Little more aggressive than others, he figures if he’s going to treat you for it, might as well put you towards the top percentile. He’s had me at 150mg 2x a week, so 300mg total each week for the past year. He does bloods once a year and auto renews my Rx every three refills, which each last 6-weeks.

    Each 10ml bottle of watson, well now it’s like victus or some similar name from my local pharmacy just runs me $20 for co-pay. Pretty simple.

    So in my little removed part of the world there are several docs helping folks with trt, unless you literally live under a rock, there simply has to be folks around that can help you.
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  17. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    I really appreciate all of your input. I’ve got an appointment with my GP on the 22nd. I just got my blood pulled yesterday, so I know what I’m working with before my visit. I’ll bring those labs along with me to the appt. I’ll follow up here afterwards to let everyone know how things went.
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