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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Mackbutter, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Mackbutter

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    Hey, I'm just about tp pace my first order with Bitcoin and it looks easy but after confirming my order my source needs my First and Last name ....
    Is it necessary to give real name ?

    Thanks for any info as I'm new ordering online gear.

  2. i'm a believer in the "if they want you, they'll get you" theory.
    Meaning, if LE should intercept your package and wants to make an example out of you, they will. Regardless of the name you use.

    More importantly. If USPS fucks up delivery and you have to go to the post office to pick it up, unless you have an ID that matches the name you used, you're SOL.

    If you live in a complex with your name on the mailbox, there is a chance that the mailman won't deliver your package if the name on the box and the name on the package don't match up.
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  3. Mackbutter

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    Thanks. That's a very good response.
    My name isn't on the mailbox in my condo complex . But I never thought about pick it up at the post office...
    I'll just give my full name.
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    @MisterSuperGod is correct. Use your full name for your shipping address. But if police happen to show up never admit to anything, Good luck. :D
  5. Mackbutter

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    Thanks !
  6. You could always try abbreviations like if your name is John J Johnson you could put J. J. Johnson instead. Kinda flimsy so Idk how much protection that would give you if le wanted to make an example but it's the best I can think of this early in the morning lol.
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    Yeah I dont think thats the best idea lol I'll give you the morning excuse for that one ;)
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  8. lol didn't sound so good even that early.
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    Drop the decaf;)
  10. i've done similar, in the past. Intentionally misspelling my last name, in hopes i could wriggle out of a tough situation.

    Then i thought about it and figured, if they've (LE) gone through the trouble of setting up a controlled delivery, they aren't gonna just say "oh okay, guess we got the wrong guy" and walk away.
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    To be honest, LE will not go through the trouble of prosecuting someone for end user amounts, it is too costly and too much work. Unless you are getting bulk shipments ro are the one sending packs you really have nothing to worry about. Also, it's kinda shocking how rare steroid arrests are these days. I googled "Steroid arrest" in my state for fun one day and they are pretty much non existent outside of people trafficking
  12. Very few and far between, but the potential is there. All it takes is the right cop on the wrong day.

    Remember, whether it's 1 vial or 10, you're still breaking the law and money is sure to be made by arresting and fining the living fuck out of you for it.

    The chances are slim, but none of us should ever let our guard down and fall back on false assurance that it could never happen for a personal use supply.
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  13. spiffy0

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    True, rather safe than sorry is always a good policy to follow.
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    This is absolutely the truth. Remember that fuckwad @stayinalive? He was loosing his mind on Meso about pcom ripping him off and wouldn't stop so I sent him a PM and offered to hook him up, for free, just to get him to shut the fuck up. He took me up on my offer but the name he gave me was fake. The last name he had me use was "Iwinski". Yeah, that shit got the return to sender treatment because the name was a fake. Wonder what the random address i used as the return address did with that test???


    All in all it ended well because he had to keep his mouth shut, I have his address now. He's too afraid to talk shit with that info floating around.
  15. I've done it too with other stuff, hoping I could deny it if Le got their hands on it during shipment but deep down I knew it was nothing more than a child's blankey lol
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  16. spiffy0

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    Lol damn dude. you have enough test sitting around you can give it away just to shut people up?
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  17. ickyrica

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    I bought some raws once or twice upon a time...
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  18. Naxxamus

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    Wow, that's unbelievable, and awesome at the same time.
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  19. BB@44mag

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    About 9 years ago I had quite a large order snagged at customs and they sent a letter that it was seized.
    I literally sent them a copy of my Test prescription and they released it all and it showed up a few weeks later.
    There was Susta, Deca, Mast, Var, Dbol, Letro, and clomid in it. I couldn’t believe it actually came but I wasn’t gonna let $4k in gear go that easy.
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  20. Wow. No shit. i do believe that's the first story i've read where someone replied to the seizure notice. Glad to hear it worked out.
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