first blood tests on androgel?

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    this is my first post.
    i have been prescribed 5mg of androgel question is i am due back after 2 weeks of use for blood tests to see where i am at.
    could someone tell me are these taken prior to applying the androgel or afterwards.
    i am aware that if it is after applying avoiding the crook of the elbows while applying will not cause a false test.
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    pcgizzmo Junior Member

    I think you want to go ahead and apply the gel for that day but, like you said just don't put in where they would be drawing the blood. Get your test about 4 hours after you apply it. How do you feel on 5g? I tried it and I don't think my body absorbed all of it. I think I got just enough to shut me down and make me feel like crap. Let us know your results!

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    From what I hear it is best to get the test 12 hrs. after you put it on this is hard to do. My Dr. had me come in early in the morning before I put on the gel and do the blood test.
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    Michael Scally MD

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    I would not rack my brain about it but my recommendation is to not have any gel on the day of testing. The reasoning is the same I give my patients on injections. The level you want to know is the trough, or bottom, so the dose can be adjusted in an upwardly or none for response. In a gel which has fairly good steady state levels it may not matter a lot but I would ----

    So, long winded. Do not put any on before the testing.


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    marianco Doctor of Medicine

    The characteristics of androgel indicate that the steady state blood level is achieved after 3 days of use.

    In the steady state condition (i.e. what blood levels are like after prolonged use), there is a small peak of testosterone during the first four hours of application, then levels are generally relatively flat thereafter for the rest of the day. There is a small dip at 12 hours after application for the 10 gram per day dose, which is not present for the 5 gram dose, but I think it is relatively minor.

    Probably it would be good to get the blood test before Androgel is applied that day or at least 4 hours after application.

    The characteristics of Androgel also means it is possible to get a blood test after at least 3 days of use of Androgel to see where one is in regard to only testosterone levels and absorption.

    However, I would wait several days longer to allow all the other neurotransmitters and hormones to be adjusted to the change in testosterone, if measuring them is of interest.
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    marianco Doctor of Medicine

    ... server problems, I see.
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    Marianco and Dr. Scally,

    Your comments are extremely interesting to me since I have been trying to research the exact same information:

    Well I finally got the lab work done and I actually did the draw at 9:30 AM which was 18 hours after my androgel application. I actually did not intentionally do the timing this way though... my work week was extremely hectic and my application times got all screwed up so I had no choice.

    My results are on the following thread which I hope you read as well since I need some advice:

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