First cycle 500mg Test E. Powerlifting peaking/meet

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    well, decided to bite the bullet and start my first cycle. I am 24 years old around 165 lbs and 5'7. been working out since 21. I only do powerlifting and have been for about a year now. so my main goal with this cycle is to gain strength.Specifically in the bench which is by far my weakest lift. size does not mean much to me even though I wouldn't mind it.

    Dead 440lbs
    Bench 250lbs

    weeks 1-12 I will be doing 500mg of AP test e a week, injections on Tuesday morning and Friday night.

    I have arimidex as a AI use as needed.

    I have nolvadex (40/40/20/20) and clomid (50/50/50/50) for pct 2.5 weeks after last injection

    Getting blood drawn on Monday to check my hormone panel before, also will be getting at 6 weeks, and 6 weeks after PCT.

    Also taking cycle support.

    Diet as follows:

    starting at 3700 calories a day 415g carb, 277g protein 104g fat, increasing if needed

    At the moment I am running sheiko's #37 I have 2 more weeks of 37 then moving on to 4 weeks of #30, then 4 weeks of peaking #32. leading up to a competition. ideally I would love to stay below the 84kg weight class. but as close to that as possible. Not sure what to expect in terms of weight gain but if I end up going over I wouldn't be to mad about it.

    If you guys see anything wrong with the cycle let me know. Im open to suggestions from the vets IMG_5933.jpg IMG_6257.jpeg IMG_6124.jpg
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    Today was my first injection, scared shitless. took me about 30 minutes of hyping then I pushed the bitch in. I had a 3ml syringe and a 25g 1". Chose the ventroglute area since it was easy to access. Didn't feel anything at all until I accidentally put weight on my foot, the muscle tenses, and the needle bounces and fucking comes 3/4 of the way out. So I pulled it out, changed the needle and then had to hype myself again. Same spot, went in didn't even feel it, pushed all the oil in in about 40 seconds. (only 1ml) and pulled it out. My heart was racing but I had a crazy adrenaline high that lasted awhile. Now I'm just sore as fuck in that area. I'm limping and can hardly lift my leg up. PIP is real tonight.


    Working off the maxes I tested before I started this program. Which was lower than my all time maxes when I was about 25 pounds heavier.


    ehh diet was okay today honestly I didn't really feel all that hungry today so I didn't eat much. I have an anxiety disorder and the pin this morning exacerbated it quite a bit. but overall everything went okay hopefully a little smoother next time
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    Brandon, good luck. Keep updating.

    I start first pin on Saturday too
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    What did your prebloods look like? Only thing I can is little young man to be messing with your hormones but train & fucking eat now man. First shot jitters it’ll get better over time. Best of luck
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    I started at the same age, just had a little more lifting experience under my belt. You know if you're dedicated or not.

    First cycle was the biggest jump in strength over a relatively short period of time I ever had. Enjoy it brother .

    If u compete try to find a comp for the last few weeks of your cycle. Good motivation and something to work towards. Always helps me focus.
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    Here is my pre bloods. 93D88E5A-10CA-4384-B06B-BCD5CDC65C19.png Thanks for the advice man.
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    just did my second pin, this one went wayy smoother than the first.
    Still was a bit nervous and shaky while pinning but overall I'm happy with this injection. Chose the left ventroglute.

    I do have a question, any tips on hitting the actual glute? I feel like I won't be able to use 2 hands which helps me out a lot by holding the base of the needle. Should I just go quad? the only thing is I hear the quad PIP is unreal.


    On point, ate a shit ton and mostly good foods. Didn't track cals or macros yet.
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    Best of luck to you man. I remember my first pin. :) I could barely hold the needle steady my hands were shaking so much. Ended up with a sizable bruise and some serious pip. But as time went on you get less nervous, especially when you start to see the gains!

    I move around from glute to quad, and haven’t noticed any significant pip in one over the other. I would just recommend you watch out for those veins and make sure you aspirate. It takes time and experience to get it one handed, but you willl get there.

    Was just looking st your program, looks pretty good, I might have to try something like that for my next meet prep.
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    Update: not sure if this has to do with the test but I noticed that I am having an insane amount of vivid dreams, atleast 3 a night, every single night. Also, I usually wake up around 4-5 times a night but I have been sleeping through the night the past few days and I wake up dazed and not knowing where the hell I am.
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    so had to have a tooth pulled today, taking the next few days off..

    3 injection went very well no pip at all. hands were nice and steady and dare I say it... I was so excited to pin today hahah. arimidex is at .25mg EOD and is drying me out pretty well. diet on point again and overall feeling pretty good. I did arms on Monday and it felt like my pump was a little better than usual. my forearms were pretty pumped witch doesn't usually happen but not sure if thats diet or the test.

    Also feeling confident with a new girl I'm talking with. Which I chalk up to placebo that I'm on right now. Overall things are going very well excited for the next weeks!
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    Awesome man. Hey, placebo or not. If t works it works. :). Best of luck!
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    Little update, today I noticed that the past few days I’ve been very “emotionless” like a numb feeling. I’ve been taking anastrozole .25mg EOD. makes me think that I’m low estrogen. Any thoughts?
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    I was also thinking about switching my injection days. I’m currently doing Tuesday Friday. Last injection was Friday morning. If I were to inject Monday morning would that cause any problems?
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    .25 eod sounds like a lot to me, but I respond to low doses. You may need blood work to see if your taking too much. Usually it’s a better idea to start low on anastrazol and gradually move up as needed, because it’s easy to crash and it takes a while for the estrogen to build back up. You are pretty early in your cycle but it may be a good idea to get blood work done already.
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    For sure I will do that. Thanks man. Another update. Woke up about 6 times last night to throw up. Also had crazy chills and fatigue and my legs and nuts are aching like a mother fucker. Think I might be getting stomach flu. I work at a nursing home and it’s going around in my building. Fuck.
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    Flu sucks bro.

    You maybe started your adex too early...

    Switching injection days will not hurt anything. You can expect "peak levels" around weeks 5-6. Blood testing before this date won't give you peak readings.
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    What federation you considering?
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    I used privatemdlabs for my prebloods. Was thinking about labsmd for my mid cycle. Little cheaper for <1500
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    I meant for your meet... I've competed in most of them.
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    Ah my bad. Was looking into ipl and Usapa.