First cycle, adding a compound

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by testallday, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. testallday

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    Hello guys, doing my first steroid cycle next week.
    1.72cm tall
    ~12% bf

    Bench 120kg x3
    Deadlift 180x1
    Squat 140x5

    Diet on point, 200g protein a day, on a cut id eat 200g carbs, or i would adjust accordingly to how im feeling.

    Ill be doing 100mg test p EOD. Got nolvadex just in case .5 mg twice a week IF needed. pct will be chlomid.

    My question today is: should I add maybe eq, or clen or winny into my cycle from weeks 3-6 (4 weeks)? My end goal is something like dat der aesthetics style mens physique type of look.
  2. Kinetic

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    You probably won't see much benefit from a 4-week cycle of EQ. I'm into my 5th week of a 20-week test C/EQ cycle and am only just starting to see results.

    You might consider adding in masteron.