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    Im not one for whoring out youtube links - well maybe. Im not sure if im a fan of this guy or not yet but I do believe that for all the 19 year olds coming in for steroid cycle advice they should be direct here, and for 96% of the other people that come here for first cycle advice as well.

    PS - i still am not sure if i'm breaking rules by posting links like this, please provide me with a bitch slap if I am.
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  2. gr8whitetrukker

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    I like it bud. Certainly some things I can relate to in his msg.
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    We have rules now?

    I am just on the way to take the wife and kid to an adventure playground type thing (indoors) so I will give this a good watch while enjoying a coffee...... :)
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    Certainly puts some things in to perspective. At least for me. Gives me some ideas for my next blast/bulk. I could use alot better absorption on my huge calorie bulks. And now that I'm's refreshing to not feel and sleep like shit any more. Why is the good advice so fuckin obvious?
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