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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Akimopio, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Akimopio

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    I’m looking into running my first cycle soon and was wondering if it’s best to just stick with test only ~500mgs a week. I’m leaning towards using sustanon 250 by Pharmacom
  2. Test_Subject

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    Why sustanon? It's more painful than regular test and to use it to its full potential you have to pin it EOD. If you pct it complicates that, as well. Sustanon is the worst of both worlds.

    Just use regular test e or c.
  3. Nela

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    First thing get some bloods done see you all good.

    500mgs test e will be more than efficient for your first cycle
    Stick with one compound and see how you go make sure you have something like armidex or aromasin in your arsenal for estrogen problems

    Diet - train hard - rest - you should grow if these are all in tune
  4. Akimopio

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    I got bloods done a little over a month ago my TT is 621ng/dl and free is at 113pg/ml, my lipids are a little out of whack so when I get it tested again soon I’m hoping they leveled out a little bit. Test e has to be pinned once a week right?
  5. taco33150

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    Yes and no..
    You want it to be stable you split it up in the week.. or you can just be lazy and do it once a week..
  6. bob357sig

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    Always keep it simple, beginners and intermediate users, that is always my advice. Imo test E or C pinned twice a week at 250mg=500 mg week for 12 weeks is the best “first cycle”. See how you do with that. You don’t want to pin all 500 mg at once- you don’t know how you are going to react to pip” post injection pain”. Like @Nela said, keep an AI on hand but use it only if it’s needed. Last piece of advice is make sure you have EVERYTHING you are going to need for the cycle and pct before you start the cycle. I see so many guys in the underground posting that they need this or that urgently quick, usually AI or PCT related...don’t be that guy. Good luck.
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