First Cycle After Break What Do You Think?

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  1. X-BODY

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    First off all sorry for my bad English
    Im planning 12 weeks cutting+lean mass (with carb cycling) cycle with test propionate +salbutamol. But mostly for cutting.
    Training experience 13 years.
    31 years old
    168 cm/5.5 feet
    77 kg/169,4 lbs
    bf:%17 (Jackson/Pollock 4 site caliper method)
    I m doing "hybrid" workout for mass and max strength. My body is too tend for gynecomastia!
    I did start to use minoxidil %5 + nizoral shampoo for hair loss about 1 year ago
    Cycle :
    Week 1-12: Test Propionate: 450 mg/week (150x3 times)
    Week 1-12: Salbutamol: 20mg/day (with ketotifen 1mg/day)
    Week 1-12: arimidex 0,5mg (Every Other Day)
    Week 1-12: hcg - human chorionic gonadotropin - 500 iu (250 iu x2)
    Post Cycle Therapy (3 days after last injection):
    Week 1-4: clomid: 75+50+50+50 mg
    Week 1-4: nolvadex : 40+20+20+20 mg
    -What do you think about cycle and pct, any mistake ?
    -I have one bottle "unopened" bacteriostatic water. But i saved in my room during hot summer. And when i check the bottle sometimes i had seen vaporization. Can be any problem ? Should i buy new one ?
    -Do i need anything to prevent hair loss (except minoxidil and nizoral) during cycle ?
  2. ironwill1951

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    do 500 mg test e 12 weeks 2 shots 250 mg,
    prop should be done ed and 12 weeks of shots would be difficult even for the experienced user,
    your pct looks good ,
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  3. X-BODY

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    tnx :) Bump
  4. Big_paul

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    Eod day works as well, but as Ironwill has said, that is still a lot of pins. I like to finish a cycle with short esters in order to start pct sooner than later.

    hcg and pct are spot on. Enjoy.
  5. X-BODY

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    Ok. I will change to test e now. One more (probably stupid) question: i will go hcg 2 times/week -tuesday and friday- can i go test e same day or should i change ?
  6. chewiebaca

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    If I were you, I'd start Hcg about two weeks in and extend it two weeks past cessation of test E. Gives your body a chance to let the test E clear out before blasting it with the SERMs. So weeks 3-14 do Hcg. It doesn't matter if you do it same day as test pin, just don't put it in the same syringe.
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  7. Big_paul

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    Same days for test. I use hcg sub q. Test e I only use IM, but yes you might as well inject the same days.
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  8. Harmswhey

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    U can also use hcg IM correct?
  9. X-BODY

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    OK. I will go like this:
    Week 1-12: Test Enanthate: 500 mg/week (250x2 times)
    Week 1-12: Salbutamol: 20mg/day (with ketotifen 1mg/day)
    Week 1-12: arimidex 0,5mg (Every Other Day)
    Week 3-14: hcg (IM) 500 iu (250 iu x2)
    Same pct (2 weeks after last injection)
    ok ???????
    Thanks for all guys :)
  10. mghoward74

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    Start week #1
    Do a search on hcg while on cycle.

    Pct for TestE/C:
    4 weeks after last injection.

    Do a steroidplot and you'll see why you start pct 4 weeks after....
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  11. X-BODY

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    Thanks for everything guys.
    Id buy Pregnyl 5000iu today and storage in refrigrator in "powder" form. But, some people says, when its in powder form i should storage in room temp at 15-25C and i will need refrgirator "after mix" with bacteriostatic water Im confused.
    @mghoward74: Thanks. Id check the site but seems down
  12. Prairie Boy

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    If your gyno sensitive too you might wanna have some raloxifene too.just a suggestion but looks good
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