First cycle and sensitive nipples

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by mtc, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. mtc

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    Hi guys, i'm 11 days in my first cycle of Test e, 250mg every 3.5 days (already done 4 pins), i'm experiencing sensitive nipples (a little painful when touched). My plan was to start aromasin from the 3rd week, since my situation, should i start it right now?
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    Yes, start your AI if gynecomastia is beginning to develop. Also, get blood work done to see where you estrogen levels are.
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  3. Brolloks

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    If you yank them away from your body HARD and give then a quick twist, does it hurt?
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  4. mtc

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    This probably could be uncofortable even off cycle lol, if i press them in they hurt a little.

    It's what i'm trying to understand, is this the early stage of gyno?

    (Thank you for your time fellas ;) )
  5. BigNattyDaddy

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    Most likely it's the onset of gynecomastia, but 99% of us on here are NOT medical professionals so we can only hypothesize, especially without blood work.
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    Start shopping for bras
  7. mtc

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    Already bought them, i love my gymshark sports bra, i'll start recording instagram's videos lifting my dog.
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    Pics or it didn't happen.
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  9. mtc

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    Follow me on instagram search for @robert_paulson
  10. master.on

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    This is what I've been telling you guys all the time

    either get estradiol bloodwork every 2-3 weeks to fine tune aromatase inhibitor dosages
    or stick to 70s like, no testosterone non-aromatizing cycles.
  11. Why don't you do a hefty ass cycle with no Test like your heroes from yesteryear? Maybe you already have? Maybe that's why you've created some of the threads that you have?

    You're a broken machine, please power down immediately, for the good of you and those that cross your path.

    @mtc be cautious of the advice you take from certain people around here. Some of them are accidents waiting to happen. Such as our robot friend above.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    So let me get this straight. 4 pins and you think you have sensitive nips already? Someone smart do the math for me on how much test is actually built up in his system. @Roger rabbit

    By the way if you stop pinching your nipples multiple times a day they'll stop being sensitive.
  13. mtc

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    Mate, don't disrespect me this way, i'm always opened to discussions and other people's ideas, before starting this cycle i've studied what's behind it more than 2 years, i'm a newbie because it's my first cycle but i feel my nipples more sensitive than usual, not pinching/scratching them, last night in the bed the right one was a little sore just with the blanket on. In the image you can see where my test is (see the pointer). I wasn't expecting it so early neither (i know test e half life), but it's sure that my nipps are really sensitive.

    @MisterSuperGod Don't worry man, i respect all the ideas, but before evaluating 'em i do my research, and test will be my base for every cycle, even at a low dose, but a test base is mandatory.

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  14. Brolloks

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    What's your bf% at mtc?
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  15. mtc

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    Started the cycle after a slight cut, i think i was at 12/13%, the 3rd row of my abs was visible.
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  16. Brolloks

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    Cool. We all have different tolerance levels to elevated E2. Hop on the aromasin now and you'll be fine. Itching and soreness does not mean you have gyno, but if you ignore it, you're asking for trouble.
  17. mtc

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    I suppose you're right, started aromasin this morning @6.25mg per day
  18. Roger rabbit

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    This is a good practice with lower dose more frequently.

    Sorry if I missed this, but did you get blood work before your cycle?
  19. mtc

    mtc Junior Member

    I did, i took my baseline hormones levels (testosterone, free testosterone, e2, fsh and lh) before starting the cycle.
  20. Maxo1

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    If he's already having early onset symptoms of gyno wouldn't nolva be the proper protocol?