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Hi guys!
I’m coming to the end of my first Test only cycle and just wanted to share my experience to other newbies thinking of starting and just give a few options/thoughts on dieting during a cycle.
I have been extremely happy with my first cycle! I am 5’8, started at 154lbs and 13% body fat. I was doing 400mg a week for the first 5 weeks and have been doing 500mg a week for the last 5. I have 2 pins left and am now 175lbs and 14-15% body fat.
My lifts went up incredibly well:
Dumbbell press (prefer these to bench press): Started on 30kg each dumbbell, am now pushing 42.5kg each dumbbell.
Squats: Started at 120kg, am now squatting 175kg
Deadlift: Started at 150kg, am now deadlifting 205kg
My experience with my diet is that it doesn’t need to be as ‘clean’ as people have always said. I have always been an IIFYM guy. Aslong as I hit my Protein, Carbs and the right calories, I don’t worry about anything else. On this cycle I was maintaining a 300-500 surplus a day with calories, was hitting 1-1.5g per 1lb of my body weight and between 2-2.5g of carbs per 1lb of body weight. I’ve never tracked my fats in either bulking or cutting before, and this has never created a problem for my progress.
My personal opinion is that eating clean whole foods is obviously a very good thing, but do not be worried about eating a pizza here or a McDonalds there aslong as you hit the right calories. If my protein and Carbs had been hit for the day and I had an extra 1000 calories available, I went and ate a pizza or a takeaway or whatever.
I’m not saying to go into a cycle and only eat these ‘bad’ foods, because eating healthy is important. But don’t be put off enjoying your eating by these people who are saying ‘you’ll only get results if your diet is spot on’.. it’s just not true. What is true is that you will put more and more fat on if you eat OVER your calories by a stupid amount, but aslong as you’re eating in a decent surplus and hitting the right proteins and carbs and smash the weights, you will see results. This was my PERSONAL experience, and maybe it won’t work for everyone, but I know this information would of been good to me when I first started.
IIFYM works whether people want to admit it or not. Watch a guy on YouTube called Matt does fitness, and you’ll start to believe it too.

Happy cycling guys


Glad you had a good experience and got results... just not the results you COULD have had if your diet was clean and on point. Just my personal experience tho... keep up the good work n keep lifting hard.


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IIFYM works, and it’s fun. But it’s only the “answer” if your goal isn’t optimization and until you switch to clean eating with planned cheat meals and understand how superior it is. I’ve done both.

You went up in body fat % on cycle, which is something you should be aware of (assuming your numbers are close to accurate).

I’ll be waiting to see where your weight and bf% end up after you PCT.

Don’t confuse seeing results with optimal results. That’s the argument.

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