First Cycle Experience


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Newer member here. I'm about 10 days into my first steroid cycle of 300 mgs Test (after cleaving off the Enanthate ester) per week and around 30 mgs of Dbol per day. I'll just outline my experiences so far and maybe you could give me some input and whatnot, whatever.

Starting point: 165 lbs, 5'6", 15-17% bf
Current: 175 lbs, same bf (weight shot up after starting the dbol)

I began with pinning the Test every day with an insulin syringe and quickly realized that the 1/2" needle wasn't going to cut it. The oil wasn't going deep enough into my delts and they were constantly lumpy and sore and I couldn't train them. I then ordered 25g x 1.5" needles and I switched to every other day to avoid wasting gear because there's about 0.1ml of dead space in these new syringes (any tips on avoiding the dead space would be appreciated). I also began shooting my glutes in addition to delts and there's virtually no PIP. I know the test is pretty frequent for a longer ester but honestly I don't hate pinning that much if it means I can minimize aromatization and acne and shit.

I started the Dbol around a week after the test and that's when my strength really went up. I basically added a 45 lb plate per side on every hammer strength machine, my joints feel amazing, and I went from benching 185 for 3 at the start of my workout to doing 185 for 5 after frying my chest for an hour. I'm trying not to go too crazy with the weight but holy shit I feel like an animal in the gym now. I'm also constantly full and vascular, especially in my chest and arms.

I wish my source put the dbol in 10 mg capsules instead of 25 mg so that I could just pop 3 per day instead of having to open my shit up and measure it out. Would I be able to dump the capsule in water and just drink 1/3 of the fluid periodically? I don't know if leaving the powder in water fucks it up, maybe that's a dumb question.

I'm planning on running the test for 12 weeks and the dbol from 4-6 weeks depending on how I feel, my nipples are completely flat but my face is kinda puffy. I have no problem with the water retention but I'm going to stop the dbol if my nipples start itching (I know what incoming gyno feels like from my puberty years). After I stop the dbol I might take something less toxic like 'var or Proviron.

I'll keep posting updates when I find the time.


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I don’t know about dbol on a first cycle but at least you ran it with only 300mg test. Did you ever get pre cycle bloodwork?
I was 100% natty before, no sarms or prohormones so my LH and FSH were untouched. BP and Cholesterol were well within healthy range before I started and I've never had issues with liver or kidneys. I am going to get bloodwork mid cycle just to see how the hormone levels are looking as well as liver/hdl-ldl etc. My health insurance only covers bloodwork twice per year so I'm going to get 1 before the year ends and 1 after the cycle so that I still have 1 left for the remainder of 2021. Idrk 100% how my insurance works since it's my parent's plan but they know I juice so I can get details from them if I want.
He means having pre cycle bloodwork so you know your levels prior to taking anything, then when you come off and pct you do it again to use as a reference point of recovery.

Also if this is your first cycle and you’ve already done dbol with your test I wouldn’t add in anything else for the remainder of the cycle. People recommend test only as a first cycle just so you know what extra testosterone does to you and makes you feel, so when you do run another cycle with an added compound that you know what is causing what side effect or making which gains. Taking dbol with test around the same time that testosterone kicks in kinda blurs that and can now give you unreal expectations for further cycles.


A tip to help with that 0.1 left the syringe is to pull 0.1 of air before injecting. Make sure the bubble is at the plunger before injecting and go all the way until you hear the squeak. The air won’t kill you. This helps when doing muscle groups that are hard to see to know when you are finished, like glutes.