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    What's going on everyone. I am 20 years old and through recent blood tests and research on the body, I may have found I am suffering from low testosterone. I have received two blood tests for my test in the last year one came back as 225 and the other at 350. I have gone to doctors to try and get this fixed but I am technically in normal ranges. I feel like absolute shit most days. I sleep 8-9 hours a night and I am still tired, I eat 3000-4000 calories a day, and my recovery is still between 4-6 days a workout, I have taken breaks of weeks from the gym I have really tried everything. I am still depressed and constantly tired and quite frankly I am sick of it. I am not going to bother posting the labs as I will get one final draw of some pre-cycle blood and post them here when that happens. I have dealt with my depression for a long time now and I am in a much better place but physically I still feel exhausted and something off. I am very active I train regularly 4-6 times a week cardio as I feel needed. I lift more for aesthetics and hypertrophy my stats are I am also posting my goals:
    Goals: I would like to be 205-210 around 6-8* body fat year round I model here and there and enjoy fashion and all that shit so. Obviously not after 1 cycle Depending on how I respond/how my bloods come out I may consider just cruising. I really cant be bothered feeling so physically drained constantly due to my test being low.

    Diet: This is my general diet. I will follow it religiously when on cycle.

    Meal1:3 eggs, 1 packet of oat meal, 1 banana 1 cup of egg whites(P:50 C52 F15)

    Meal2: 10 Oz Turkey, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup veggie mix(P:60 C41 F23)

    Pre/post meal: Usually pretty similar but post I will get more simple carbs depending on how I feel. 1-2 hours pre workout (hate training full)

    6 OZ Steak 1 Cup jasmine rice, 1 cup berries/banana, (P:34 C73 F31)
    (post) Chicken/tuna/salmon/turkey with simple carbs and some veggies. Like to be less strict post training and mix my meals up more. Of course less strict just means not having a pre cooked meal.

    Also have a couple of snacks lined up: At least 2 protein shakes w/ a banana (during class/before bed) (P:30 F0 C 30)x2-3

    Totals: 2800-3000 calories (208G protein, 300 G carbs, 90 G fat)
    Looking to kind of recomp and lose some body fat while I gain some mass. Not trying to be huge but more aesthetic.

    Height: 6'4"
    BF%: 12-14*recently took a break due to my body just not recovering correctly I peaked at maybe 11% 200 pound at one point all natural never used any type of PEDS*
    Bench: 225 x3-4(Never really tested)
    Squat: 225 x 8 (again I never tested a max just lifting for aesthetics)
    Deadlift: 325 x 6*(deadlift every other week for sake of my back Football related)

    Current plan of attack:
    Vitamin d, multi *looking for liver supports as we speak* probiotic daily.
    Test E @ 500 mg per week. Weeks:1-12
    Dbol @ 30 mg per day. Weeks 1-4
    aromasin @ 12.5 mg EOD to start. weeks 1-12 *will adjust accordingly. Nervous about dbol but i can always add. If you think I should go every day at 12.5 or EOD at 25 lmk.*

    pct Protocol.
    after week 12 I will wait 2 weeks to start my pct Protocol. So week 13 and 14 will be spent clearing my system of the test*Start thursday of week 14 or 2 weeks after last pin*
    nolva 20mg ED for 40 days
    clomid 75 mg ED for 20 days (DOSE SPLIT MORN/NIGHT)

    Let me know what everyone thinks. I am doing this because I am so sick of feeling physically exhausted. I have gone to multiple doctors who refuse to help me regarding my hormone and I feel very different mentally since I have gotten help for my mental problems. Base on my OWN OPINION BASED ON MY RESEARCH I have come to the conclusion I have a low test. It could be I developed very young and peaked very early as I was 6'4 my freshman year of high school or maybe some other underlying issue, all other labs came back fine in the last FSH and LH all normal estro numbers were all set. So im kind of at a loss. I am comfortable with my knowledge and I am ready to go. Please add some input and give me some thoughts on my situation. None of this is set in stone and I am very open minded Thanks, everyone! :).
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    You may be seeing symptoms of low testosterone, one of your tests was definitely on the low side for your age... However, please keep in mind that you may be putting all of your symptoms, which sound a bit vague, into the low testosterone basket and it may not be correct. Tons of guys come here thinking that increased testosterone is going to cure a lot of issues they have... Very very VERY seldom does that actually happen.

    What does tend to happen is they jump on a cycle with supraphysiological doses of hormones and feel superhuman... Which obviously feels great and they feel somehow vindicated. But then the superhuman feeling goes away, because low testosterone was never the real issue, and they feel even worse than when they started. You're not going to prove much with having low test by taking over twice the dosage of a TRT patient.

    I'm not telling you any of this to burst your bubble. Hell, I hope you're right and this helps you. I just want to pass along the information for you to use in whatever way is helpful.

    Lastly, you're starting pct too early and I would suggest dropping the dbol because it's kind of in contrast to your cycle goals... Anavar might be a better choice if you really want to use an oral, it suits a recomp more.

    Best of luck.
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    Appreciate the help Eman. Start with the simple first and my thinking. Dbol is great for adding muscle and size So I figured why not use it because most that complain of the bloat more than likely have poor diets.. bloat is expected but you can still get all the positives of dbol without having it as exaggerated as people say. If I dropped to 7 percent body fat is probably be around 180 if not less. So I for sure need to add some solid muscle to my build. But again the problem has been I’ve been physically depleted. Even looking back when I was in high school I was always big and got great gains my sophomore year but I just didn’t have as much energy as everyone else. I’d be struggling to get up by the end of the week regardless of how much I slept and this has kinda been a thing since I can remember. Even with the girlfriend who’s a fucking smoke show I still get the job done but i just don’t feel 100 percent. I’ve had good days but more bad than not. I’m not expecting euphoria or anything but just some more quality. I agree with not proving anything using such high amounts. I would probably be better off trying a trt dose for a few weeks then? My issue was if I was going to shut myself down for an extended period of time I prefer to get some real gains. But you have me thinking to try a dose of maybe 200-250 a week. Would I do 1 injection of 250* or 2 bi weekly with 125 mg?
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    And when I say real gains I mean like on cycle gains vs trt gains. Both are amazing but you know.
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    I stand by my comment about dbol not being ideal for a recomp, regardless of diet.

    If you want to try a TRT dose then pin 150-200mg split into two shots weekly.
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    Thank you!