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    I am just going to state that I am a new member here at MESO except I have been following this forum, reading and researching for over a year now.

    I will state a little bit of background. I started lifting at 19 years old and have never had more than a few months off. My first year I went from 150lbs to 215lbs but was very puffy. After 3 years of lifting I started to see that my strength was naturally good but my genetic potential for bodybuilding didn't seem to be my field. I started powerlifting at the age of 22 and got deeply into it. I am now 24 and have been through a list of injuries since the beginning of my lifting that could probably extend to a page long for simple tears and strains. I went through long bouts of months long pain in my wrist, elbows, shoulders, and lower back; however, never did I have a problem with my knees. This last year I have had very stagnated gains no matter how many calories I put into my body and made the decision to get into SARMS which I know many claim to be a waste of money and don't work. I will tell you that I made great gains off of them. On LGD 4033, S4, and MK677, I had gone from 212lb to 235lb of bodyweight at roughly 15% body fat @ 5' 10''. I added 15lbs to my deadlift, 10lbs to my squat, and 30lbs to my competition bench. my totals were 545/385/615 or 1545 @ 242 (could of dropped water to get 220 but it was unsanctioned so who cares).

    Here is the thing about this total and my problems. I had pre-injured myself before the comp 2 weeks prior for bench. I slightly tore my pec when using sling-shot to bench 505 for 1. I otherwise would of broke well over 385. Along with that, a month prior to comp I injured both patella tendons when doing push presses (my theory is that S4 makes the joints like dry brittle) because I didn't warm up my knees before throwing 255 around (stupid, letting the drugs get to my head and just being young and dumb ig -_-). I was easily squatting 555 for 2 before the knee injury thing, but I kept training hard and wrapping them extra tight. After the comp, I came right off the sarms and felt okay and took 3 weeks off from lifting to recover. Long story short, 8 months later my knees still bother me, everything else feels awesome and good to go. The pain in my knees went away for a long time, but as soon as the intensity picked up after a month of training, they have begun bothering me again and I am suspecting either tendonosis or tendonitis. Nonetheless, it's been 8 months and I'm sick of it. Mk677 increases natural growth hormone pulses, which I can tell works because when I get on it my skin quality looks amazing, my sleep quality improves greatly, I wake up and my hands feel tingly and puffy. But my knees are still like brittle bitches and I'm sick of it. I am taking TRIFLEX from GNC, Cissus Quandrangulus 2g a day, Collagen, Vitamin C 5g a day, and other various supplements like fish oil, and Animal Pak. I don't calorie count but I eat every 3 hours and I stay away from all bullshit. I measure my meat out to 8oz and aim for clean carbs and green vegetables. Now, all this being said, I started a SARM cycle again still holding my hopes up that my knees will eventually pull through ontop of getting some great gains. I'm not satisfied in either department, so I'm ready to just throw in my natty card so to speak. Here is what my first cycle will look like.

    Weeks 1-14
    Test E. 500mg a week/250mg Monday, and Friday
    Weeks 1-12
    Deca 250mg a week/125mg Monday, and Friday (For the joint protection and mixed reading about healing potential)
    Weeks 1-4
    Dbol 30/30/40/50 (Just a kickstart and keep in mind I'm going for strength/joint support)

    pct/anti E

    Weeks 1-14
    Armidex .25 EOD
    hcg 500 a week/250 Monday, and Friday

    Weeks 16-20
    clomid 100/50/40/40
    nolva 40/40/20/20
    Weeks 21-22
    Weeks 16+
    Tribulus 2G ED

    So, any experienced advice would be nice and respected. I am a newb here and will be doing my best not to piss anyone off. I know there is a lot of hostility around to say the least but I think its funny to read people basically chasing off shills. I know this is not a place that people will spoon feed me help either, but I am trying to stay humble here as I am new.
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    Welcome. Your post was too long and I stopped reading. But I saw powerlifter. Good numbers.
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    Thanks, I was aiming to be thorough for good advice. Sorry about the length
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    Not trying to be a dick but if you did SARMS then you aren't natty and have no natty card.

    Now that I've got that off my chest. I would drop the dbol. I would normally tell you to drop the deca too but with you joint issues I can see it being somewhat bennificial. Is your AI and PCT pharma grade?

    Edit: I see you are going with valkrye for pct and AI. I would stay away from them. Do research on here and do yourself a favor and get pharma anxillaries.
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  5. Will160175

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    Alright point taken.

    I must of not of researched hard enough on the auxiliaries. I was half assuming that they were good because I know nobody is going to give me a big golden arrow or anything but which Forum sections should sift through in search of things.
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    A couple final questions and I appreciate the help. Do you agree with my dosage protocal? Do you think it will be alright to run the Valkyrie anxillaries this first time since they are already shipped?
  8. Afguy901

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    As for doses yes minus the dbol which I hope you drop.

    As for the anxillaries no. They are too important to neglect unless you want to grow tits or have a shitty pct.
  9. hurricane

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    My opinion is that's a lot of gear for a guy so young and for a first cycle. That being said I agree with the previous post on scrapping the d-bol. No need. Also I don't agree on your pct. And this is where I differ from other guys on this site. I like 5 week pct at clomid 150/150/100/100/50. Nolva at 40/40/20/20/10. Good luck. Hope it goes well.
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    I agree with everyone else. Doses are great, drop the dbol. No comment on pct.
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    I would run npp for the joints.... will kick in faster and clear out faster so u can pct faster.... if u dont mind pinning eod run test prop instead of test enth. Then u can get away with a 10 week cycle. If u run prop and npp u wont need a kickstart either a week u will be feelin it
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  12. hurricane

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    I agree with the quick onset of prop is more ideal, but for a first cycle I'm not sure how keen he is on pinning EOD. Plus it will cost a shit lot more running prop for 10 weeks.

  13. Clomid at 150 is a ridiculous dose.
  14. hurricane

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    I know some think that and so do some well known members. Its what I've always run. Not telling you to.
  15. Harmswhey

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    Eod pinning aint shit it's 1 more pin a week... i look forward to pinning lol and how do u figure it will cost more? Prop is half the price of enth or cyp
  16. hurricane

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    Just because you look forward to pinning doesn't fukin mean he does. Prop is half the price?? Where the fuk do you live to get it so cheap. I almost never have found it cheaper. Even if I pay 60 for 10 ml of test e at 300mg that's 3,000 mg. Say you find prop 10ml at 100mg for 40. You would need 3 vials to equal the 3,000 mg of test e. That's 120 bucks vs 60. Yes you get a little more test from the prop because of the Esther. But enough that it would make a 10 week cycle cheaper on prop then e. No fukin way. You'd have to be getting test prop 100 for 20 bucks a vial. Yeah good luck with that.
  17. Test_Subject

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    I'd swap out the dbol for test prop or ace, personally. Three compounds is a lot for a first cycle, especially with deca in the mix. It will also give you a chance to perfect your injection technique and experiment with different sites.

    You'll want some sort of prolactin control just in case, although your deca dose isn't that high.
  18. hurricane

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    AGREE. One compound for first cycle. And in my humble opinion it should be a form of test.
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    Just an update here. Im in week 2, did my fourth injection yesterday.
    I have found that im liking ventroglute injections. Shits not that bad at all with a 23g needle. It hurt a lot the first 2 injections 2 days after but then i figured out that heating the oil in hot water and a nice massage after took all that pain away.

    What i notice, a little bit more energy throughout the day since week 1 and a bit higher libido. My bench went from 335 3x4 to 355 3x3 easy no spot needed. Overhead, im throwing 225 for 5 like its nothing which was a bit heavy before. Bent over row is linear with my bench. But the most ridiculous thing going up on back was dumbell row. Went from a 165 dumbell to throwing 205lb for easy 5s and pull up count after doubled. My squat went from 455 for a rough 5 grind to 475 feeling like i can do 10. Did sets of 4 just to not overload joints. Havent hit deadlifts hard yet as my lower back is still working around a strain. Cant wait for the gear to reach its highest level which i keep reading around week 4-6. So maybe all this strength im getting is placebo?

    My damn petalla tendon is still relentlessly bothering me after squats but can tell its not as bad as before. It felt very weak and dry before. Im sure the deca is not actively at work yet anyway as well as any of the other shit technically? Unless im sensitive to gear, hell idk yet. I by no means feel like a damn god yet. Wondering if that feeling will actually come or not.
    I plan on getting bloods at week 4 to check this Pharmacom gear i got. The discreet packaging just kind of made me feel sketchy. Idk why, maybe just all that asian shit writing all over the labels.

    My weight has gone from 230 to 238. I been eating like an animal. Typically 5-7 times a day but meal 2 goes from 8 ounces of chicken to 4lbs of chicken after leg day and still starving after. Its also weird that ill eat like that and load up on carbs hard one day but wake up absolutley no bloat effect on my body. I think this will be a good fuckin run, but that could all just be placebo and me phsycing myself up as i dont generally feel like a walking god all day. I still yawn a lot and feel normal as shit most days.

    I havent even used my arimidex yet. Waiting for my bloods or first sign of negative side effects as ive had none. Any suggestions will be duly noted by you vets as its my first cycle.

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    You should edit your face out of the pictures my man. Better safe than sorry.
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