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    Hi everyone

    I recently became a member after using the site alot.
    I am going to start using aas very soon and wanted a few peoples opinions/help with stuff.

    First off im 27 and been lifting properly for at least 4 years but probably closer to 5.
    I stupidly waited untill i was 22 to start (even though i loved bodybuilding) probably down to being stoned 24/7-365.and being around mates that wasnt that into lifting,after realising i been saying for years im going to start i fucked off the weed and turned into abit of a hermit and focused on lifting.
    Although now i can actually get high and it not affect my training/eating.

    I was real skinny (like 55kg at 6ft 1) i put on quite abit of mass naturally.heaviest was 90kg but to much im 80kg lean (around 10%bf)

    I want to be much bigger (like 100-105kg) so realised i would have to start aas to reach goals.

    As for the cycle i read on a basic cycle of just 500mg of test e week 1-12 then nolvadex week 15-17.
    (Pin test 2 x 250mg a week)
    Then along the way i thought of using arimidex during and hcg during and maybe finasteride for hair.
    But thought recently i might just keep those things to hand and not use unless i need to.i did hear that you shouldnt take hcg unless its a last resort,like if pct hasnt worked?
    I dont mind abit of shrinkage while on,if thats the only reason people use it during cycle? Ive heard some say it keeps things running making pct easier but also heard some say it will shut you down.thats why i need to stick to one site/community instead of reading stuff from everywhere. ..

    As for sources,my first planned one was which used to be buysteroidsuk for years.had a good feeling about them after checking badside is shipping (£35) ive seen a few on here but not made my mind up yet so wouldnt mind opinions on ones you like (especially if in u live in england)

    Also brands of steroids,i try searching brands but cant always find there a bit dedicated to reviews on here?
    At first i was drawn to alphapharma after hearing good stuff about them,that site i was on about had everything i wanted in alphapharma too but recently most of it went.and the guy told me it was down to his source jacob being arrested.i actually found a article on here,he was founder of alphapharma so makes sense.

    That sort of put me in a mindset of i just want alphapharma but recently realised theres loads of if u was in the hospital they probably wouldnt just have alphapharma test and i would trust there stuff.
    That site now mainly has hilma biocare and heard a guy on here saying theyre good.
    Might wait for their source thread on here to get a couple more reviews as its pretty new.

    I saw euroroid on here looked good,like they have lab results for almost all products current with matching batch number.but suppose anyone can photoshop that.also there thread is pretty new i think.

    Thats why i thought ild ask u guys,i know its abit of a life story but then also didnt wana pop up and just say
    "whats a good source??"
    I have done some research,but as im new to this i definitely will listen to people and try reduce harm risk/not waste money.

    Cheers in advance for any help.
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    Also when i do use a source on here i will review them on their threads to help them/other people thinking of using them.will be getting bloodwork done aswell so can post that to have proof its good not just feels.
    And if i do get any gear lab tested will show first im just going to use the 2 vial test to see if its real not bunk,but might wana know purity in much isit to get gear tested expesnive?
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    Ive checked on hetting gear tested and does seem to expensive for me,maybe one day.

    Another thing im not liking about euroroid is they dont replace items if lost in post neither do they offer insurance.

    I might just try hilma on here.ill wait see if i get any advice on here first (this thread currrntly says awaiting moderation before being made punlic).
    im not asking for you to research for me by the way just opinions on ones you have used/trust.and when im abit more experienced/have any experience i will be helping not just looking to sign upget a source then looking at meso to be the one forum i use.
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    Well you're right about a hospital not having ugl gear
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    Hey what's up man. I figured I would chime in here and help you out the best I can. As far as sources, no one on here will attach their name to a source and tell you where to shop. Your going to have to visit the "underground" and do your own research and decide for yourself. 500mg of Test E is a solid first cycle IMO. You can run it at 500mg every 7 days, or you can run it 250mg twice a week. Up to you. 500mg in one shot will give you higher peak levels, and 250mg twice a week will give you more stable blood levels. The latter of the two is my personal preference. If it were me, and it was my first cycle, I would run it for 10 weeks, wait 2 weeks for the esters to clear, and then do a 4 week PCT. Don't EVER half step your recovery. nolva only for PCT will work, but I personally would run both clomid and Nolva. You could do Nolva 40/40/20/20 and Clomid 100/50/25/25. Again, that's what i would do, you may be different or decide to go another route. As far as Finastride, you won't need it unless you are genetically inclined to lose your hair. If it runs in the family then yes, that's probably needed. HCG on cycle is purely cosmetic. Some guys like HCG on cycle. I say if your going to use it then run it at 500-1000iu every day for 10 days, after the test clears your system, then follow with your PCT. Do not run HGC on PCT. It is suppressive. @Jackreature can probably chime in and give you some solid advice on this. I hope this helps man.
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    Ive actually just ordered from hilma so forget the bit about scources on this thread,hopefully its all good
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    More stable blood levels will result in a lesser chance if side effects so avoid the one shot per week. You dont want anything in your body to be rollercoasting up and down. hcg is not just “cosmetic” on cycle, it does serve a purpose. Other than that @Jrock83 hit it on the head. My first cycle was 500mg a week and pct was nolva 40/40/20/20, clomid 50/50/25/25.

    Make sure to get bloodwork pulled pre, mid, and post cycle.
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    Cheers man i appreciate it,i was actually planning to do it twice a week (monday and thursday)
    I just ordered so hopefully scource is ok for now,but also bad as i would of ordered clomid too but didnt think i needed to take both,i read people prefer one or the other,and the beginner cycle just said nolva for pct.
    I might just leave hcg then and order if i need it,do you need to use it after as have heard people say only need as a last resort and pct should be fine.
    Hopefully i dont need the finasteride either then i have a little thinning but think its just age/stress related
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    Cheers im getting the bloodwork pre,mid and post but for next cycle can i use the post bloods as the pre? If you know what i mean.
    Also if your running a cycle that has the same compounds as one you ran before do u need to do mid bloods,or would you know your good.

    So u didnt need hcg on first cycle?

    Going to have to look up differnce in nolva and clomid then,and see if i need to order some.
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    If you pull them far enough after pct I'd say yes that would be okay as long as everything is right and you're healthy. As far as not pulling mid cycle bloods on your next cycle you could get away with it if you know your ai dose needed but it would be smart and responsible thing to do to check your overall health. Blood work is used to check several things, not just testosterone and estrogen.

    I did run hcg my first cycle 500iu every week. Are there people who don't and turn out fine, yes. That's just what I did.
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    You should be okay with just Nolva if that's what you have. I was just saying that, as advice, Nolva and Clomid both would be a strong PCT. As far as HCG, yes it does serve a purpose. If taken at 250iu twice per week throughout the cycle, it will keep you testes producing their own testosterone instead of being completely shut down. This CAN make a smoother transition into PCT. But like I said, if you don't mind your nuts shrinking a little on cycle, the use it to wake your nuts up for 10 days leading up to PCT. You are on the right track though. Follow through with getting bloods like @JackSmooth said. It is very important that you have a baseline to refer to. With it being your first run, mid cycle bloods are also a MUST so that you can get your AI dialed in correctly and make sure that your health stays in check.
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    Test only and especially at 500mg is a terible first cycle expect if you are a very skinny fella
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    Ok cheers, i was going to run hcg and arimidex during but then thought some people respond well to just testosterone,and the site just said test then me thinking aswell i think when the doctors put you on trt they just give u the test then see if they need to prescribe an ai etc might be pointless to run arimidex,and be good to know what i can handle.ill just keep an eye on signs for gyno and start taking then if need it.if say i notice signs would i start taking the usual dose or would you take double dose for abit.
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    Ok cheers,would u say you need hcg then before pct? And on the bloods what would u look at to know about ai,would it be estrogen levels (if so whats to much)?
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    You need an ai on hand at least and what I usually tell people to do is run a very small dose of it and then adjust it after mid blood work. Some people wait for side effects to arise and use it then but i don't recommend that.
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    Really howcome? I only want to run the one compound so can see how i respond to it,if i take two i could be getting sides and not know whats causing for the dose alot say to do 250mg and 500mg is to much.but i didnt want to waste the first just thought tuck it go for the 500mg.
  17. JackSmooth

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    You're correct with your thinking don't listen to that advice. A lot is derermined from your first cycle and there's no need to use a high dose or add other compounds. 500mg will give you plenty of edge for your first time.
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    Ok i have ordered arimidex to have on hand.i was planning to run that during aswell but heard of some people not needing it and being fine.then thought of the possible sides of arimidex.but if i did take it then i wouldnt know if i even needed to use it,and would probably use it every cycle when may not even need it.
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    Oh yeah @JackSmooth @Jrock83
    I looked up clomid abit more,mainly about the difference between nolva and clomid.
    I found alot of what i read before,like theyre sort of the same thing

    Heres a few lines from different things i read:

    "Now while you may have noticed that nolvadex and Clomid are generally the same when it comes to how they can control estrogen hormones during pct to prevent them from setting off adverse side effects sooner or later, the amount that you need to use is a noteworthy difference.
    You don’t have to take a lot of Nolvadex during your PCT to get the results that you’re looking for. Sure this may not be very significant, but Nolvadex definitely gets the advantage when you factor in the cost that you’re going to dish out in the process."

    That was from this article:
    Nolvadex VS Clomid for PCT -

    Then heres abit from another:

    "So which one should you use? Well personally, I'd have to say Nolvadex. Both as an on-cycle anti-estrogen and a post-cycle therapy. As an anti-estrogen its simply much stronger, demonstrated by the fact that better results are obtained with 20-40 mg than with 100-150 mg of Clomid."

    "Another reason why I promote the use of Nolvadex over Clomid post-cycle (as if being 3-4 times stronger and having more of a direct effect on restoring natural test wasn't enough) is because it's a lot safer."

    They where from here:
    Nolvadex vs. Clomid for PCT

    There was a few more along the same lines,basically saying theyre the same if not that nolvas better.
    Now this is not me saying your wrong just showing what ive read.
    Why do you take them both?

  20. Jrock83

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    I take both because it is what has worked for me. Go with what you feel comfortable going with. Like I said, don't half step your recovery. Run the nolva at 40/40/20/20....full 4 weeks...then get bloods. Best of luck.
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