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    Just like the title says, looking for opinions.

    A bit of info first. Im 33 6ft 230 with around 16% bf. This is my first cycle and i am just starting week 2 of 12 to 14 weeks. I have test cyp which im doing 250mg 2x per week with 50mg proviron ed. I have adex on hand which i will start using and determine the dose after my bloods which i will get either this week or into week 3. Im a little paranoid as this is my first cycle and will probably be doing bloods more often than i should, but i would rather be safe than sorry and im using bloodwork to back it up.

    So on to the original question. Here is what i was planning but it is not set in stone which is why im here.

    clomid 3 weeks after last pin
    Week 1 100 mg per day
    Week 2 100 mg per day
    Week 3 50 mg per day
    Week 4 50 mg per day
    Week 5 50 mg per day
    Week 1 50 mg per day
    Week 2 50 mg per day
    Week 3 25 mg per day
    Week 4 25 mg per day
    Week 5 25 mg per day
    (Those doses for ease of use, it works out to be either 1 or 2 pills).
    I dont really have access to hcg, though i suppose the internet is my friend.

    I plan to start roughly after the 4th or 5th halflife, which would put me out past a month after last injection. This will be based on blood work. As a side question should i use adex during this down period to help with e2 build up and/or would proviron help with this sufficientl (yes im aware it isnt an ai)?

    Im posting here because it seems to be more science based opinions than bro science which is what im after. Thanks for the opinions in advance.
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    I personally like hcg through out the cycle. I feel like recovery is much faster having done things both ways.

    I think timing and doses are about right.... Maybe go a full 28 days. I've done this twice and felt a hugh difference vs waiting only 2-3 weeks. Food for thought...

    You'll need no AI during the clean out period. Estrogen rebound is a myth. You'll feel like garbage if you do this.
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    Thanks for the response. Putting the rebiund issue aside, wouldnt T levels still be fairly high during this period that would be able to turn to estrogen? Seems like some would be needed, possibly not as much as while on but maybe tapering down would be beneficial?
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    Man, honestly with the half life of arimadex stopping it with the test will likely suffice. If you think about the half life of test E, you'd have to have extremely high aromatase activity needing past the last week.

    I would say guys tend to over do the AIs. IMO...

    I personally only treat side effects, not necessarily trying to find the perfect number. I've had some very high E2 results before, but I was asymptomatic.
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    I think im going to take the treat symptons path as well, but i want to make sure i catch it early enough. Definitely would like to avoid low e but at the same time i would like to hit an acceptable range to not hinder any gains.

    I am doing test cyp, thats why i asked about after last injection and before pct. I dont have any plans to step it down to a shorter ester considering i dont have any and i have 6 vials of test cyp.

    Thanks for the response.
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    I think you're on the right track.

    Personally, I've seen my estrogen come back over 100 and had no ill effects. Holding a little water, but that's really it.

    Once the test goes through a couple half lives, at you dosage, you ought to be in the clear for sure... Regarding aromatase...
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