First Cycle question: do i take Arimidex after my last pin before PCT

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Meathead1, Feb 25, 2017.

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    getting ready to do a first cycle. I've done extensive research and I'm not starting until i have an exact plan and am confident on what will be doing. So far this is what i have come up with:

    w 1-12 cyp 500mg/w
    w 1-12 arimidex .25 EOD
    w 13-14 off
    w 15-16 clomid 100mg / nolva 40mg
    w 17-18 clomid 50mg / nolva 20mg
    w 19 (depending on how I'm feeling) clomid 25mg / nolva 10mg

    My question is, on weeks 13-14 should i continue the Arimidex? what would dosage look like?
    Also does my pct look good?

  2. Riz

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    You should give yourself a three week ester clearing period instead of two. One of the biggest factors for a failed pct is starting too soon.

    Also I don't think you need to run clomid that high for a test only 12 week cycle, 50/50/25/25 should suffice.

    I would imagine you still need to run arimidex during the ester clearing period because you'll still have test in your system.

    Also you might want to look into hcg - which in a nutshell helps to jumpstart your system.

    DISCLAIMER: I have zero experience with the use of AAS (for now).
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  3. Meathead1

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    I have looked into hcg but dosages have been allover the place for that im currently still looking into it. if i was to add it in i was thinking weeks 9-12 250 IU 3x a week
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    Agreed. I've read some many different protocols for hcg sometimes it leaves me more confused. I'll be running it similar when I start my cycle.
  5. Do not run arimidex on a cycle... Keep aromisin and letrozole on hand for sensitivity.. adex will crash your estrogen.....
  6. Do not run adex until u learn your sensitivity to aromatizing....everyone is different..