First Cycle: Test-E: 400mg/HgH 4Iu. Seeking Advice or Concerns.

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    Hi all,

    I am looking at doing my first cycle. First, a brief background and reasons for using PED. I am an ex-athlete and have been dealing with nagging injuries for the better part of 4 years, while also struggling to stay in shape as the injuries are quite demotivating (I sprained my ankle pretty bad 4 years ago and haven't been able to sprint since, nor jog, even walking can be painful sometimes. I have also have minor wrist, finger, and shoulder injuries.)

    Thus, this summer I really want to get healthy and get back in shape, ideally to where I was back in my peak athletic form. This was squatting 400+ with a 350+ Bench-press and a 4.5 40yd dash. Thus, I have turned to PED's to expedite the process of getting in shape (fat-loss + lean mass gain) as well as injury recovery (ligament/tendon repair, etc.)

    This is why I have opted to go with a "stack" of Hgh and Test-E. My goals are fat-loss and (very)lean muscle mass. I am not so much aimed at building size; I do not have body-building aspirations, though I would still like to build a decent amount of mass.

    It seems that a reasonable dosage schedule would be 400 Test-E combined with 4Iu of HGH(I am going to be using Jeotropin), cycling Test-E for 12 weeks and HGH for 16-24 weeks. I chose the dosages at (400/4) based on what I read, which suggested that 100/1 was a good ratio. I went for 4IU HGH as this seems to be the ideal dosage for what my goals are. I went for 400 Test as I was told that when cycling Test with HGH, you don't need as much Test. (Thoughts on this claim?)

    Also, with regards to the length of the HGH cycle, I have seen contradicting claims over the ideal length. (Note: I just saw a thread on the Forum addressing this specifically, which I will also look at). Some say 6 months minimum, some say no more than 16 weeks (~4months) for a first-time user. Some say less, some say more. Anyone confident they can clear this up for me? I am not interested in any of side-effects of HGH, primarily acromegaly, so I don't want to take it for longer than necessary for my desired goals.

    The pct I haven't quite settled on yet. But I was thinking 2 Weeks OFF, then 3 weeks of Nova. From what I gather, running the HgH through the OFF and PCT phase might alter structure of a typical PCT without HGh. Though I have had trouble finding information on this. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

    I am also going to get blood tests before cycle starts, midway, and post PCT.

    Does this seem to make sense to you all? Thoughts, concerns, suggestions?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. I am 26yrs old, 5'8, 190lbs. male.
    2. Yes, this is my first cycle and yes I have read that one should only use Test for their first cycle. However, this would not provide the benefits I am looking for as Test alone may put extra strain on my prior injuries rather than help them recover.
    3. Yes, I have tried physio and other methods of injury recovery.
    4. Yes, I know HGH is expensive, and yes I know it won't produce an economical amount of muscle gain for the price.
    5. Yes, I know that HGH is not a miracle drug that will heal any long-term injury
    6. Yes, I know that typically a cycle is focused on either cutting or bulking.
    7. Yes, I know that this particular cycle, namely combing HGH and Test, is not recommended for a first time user.
    8. Yes, I have looked up the side-effects of each and have done extensive research.
    9. Yes, I know that I should get in better shape first with simple dieting and training before turning to PED.

    PPS: If you can figure the names of the two people which comprise my username. You are cool.
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    You should be prepared the HGH will give you worse sides then the 400mg of test.
    I thought Hgh would help me with sleep, and be beneficial for my skin and joints. Not so much. My sleep disturbenses were tren like. My hands would fall a sleep and go pins and needles all night. I would have to sit up multiple times and try to shake it off.
    It did nothing that I could notice for my skin either. I think it did help my joints after the initial few months but not sure because I think the NPP I was using helped more.
    This was all from running 3.5iu to 5iu ed for six months. It definitely shined in allowing error in my diet. No matter how much I ate my abs stayed the same!!

    I don’t pct anymore so I wouldn’t now how it effects pct and pct drugs. Obviously getting bloods before and after will help you tremendously..
  3. George Twain

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    Most seem to report that HGH improves sleep rather than hinder it. I assume you were stacking with roids though? Also, is it possible these symptoms arose after surpassing the 4iu mark? It seems to be the case the 4iu mark is often the midway point between symptoms and no symptoms.

    I have fairly clean skin, so that's not high on my priorities. I will look out for the joint and the nerve issues though, as I already have prior nerve issues and I'm looking to heal them not exacerbate them. Yes, the fat burning effects of HGH are one of the reasons I am taking it. Though, I was hoping HGH would be the fat-burning agent alternative with the least side-effects. I will keep this all in mind.

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    I swore that I’ve heard people talk about “sleeping like a baby” and that what I expected. I came to find out later that most veterans of HGH here at meso complained of the same numbness and sleep problems.
    The CTS symptoms and sleep disturbance side effects were still there even a month after completely coming off.
    Lmao, yes I was using “roids” but only for the last 3 months. The sides were definitely there while “only” using Hgh, and was only using 3.5iu ed. It did get worse at the end while using 5iu, not much.. Ive been back on for the last 5 weeks @2iu and CTS and numbness are still there. I’ve already asked the same questions your asking about here in the HGH section, you’ll be surprised by the answers you’ll find, I was!!
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    Interesting, I will keep this all in mind and perhaps conduct some more research into the sides of HGH.

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    George Jefferson and Mark Twain?
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    I’ve gone anywhere between 3iu to 5iu pharma HGH and it does mess with sleep rather than improve it.
    Although you don’t wake up feeling exhausted like after a bad night’s sleep, you just have that constant sluggish feeling during the day.
    It’s debilititating emotionally and intellectually.
    I’m at my dumbest when on hgh, my brain is slow and my speech is very un-flowy.

    Only nice thing with HGH is:
    - constantly walking with full muscle
    - veins pop out
    - best hard-ons in my life
    - « lubricates » my joints
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    Haha, close. Mark Twain, yes. The other one is also an author though. A less funny one.
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    It’s a good beginning. I would split the hgh in 2iu’s in am as soon as you wake up and wait a couple of hours before you eat your first meal and the other half at night. This will help with increasing your fat loss. The only time I really had sides was when being a newbie thinking more was better is when I started with 4 in the am and 4 at night. The Hands falling a sleep was terrible . Cut back to 2 until my body adjusted .The only issue I see is the length of your hgh . The thing about this compound that’s it’s a marathon not a sprint so if you can do it for 4 to 6 months then you will really see the benefits from it. The feeling of well being and looking in the mirror and seeing the changes. I’m in my mid 40’s and have been on 2 iu’s twice daily for almost a year and I look better and feel better then when I was in my 20’s. Just remember it’s about a clean living. Hope this helps a little.
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    I'm just over 8 weeks into my first experience with HGH. It most definitely had a negative impact on my sleep, mostly the numbness in lower arms and hands which wakes me up, but pretty quickly fall back asleep. My problem is the waking combined with an already existing difficulty in getting to sleep initially has proven less than ideal.

    I would say it has helped with fat loss. Also taking higher dose of primo with mast/test/var (var is ending this week) which has proven wonderful thus far--but cannot say which compound has had the more dramatic affect. Regardless, the results together have remained great.

    When I added the HGH, I was very tired the first couple days, so much so that I switched to a bedtime injection. I am up to 4 iu's now, but still doing as a single injection due to my chaotic mornings. Think it is likely why the numbness has recently kicked in and if I were able to split it into two 2iu doses expect I would see improvement in the sides.

    Plan is for 6-months with the HGH, so we shall see. Just don't be shocked if you find the "sleep like a baby" isn't true for you. Have heard it a number of times, so hope it hold true for you--certainly did not for me.
  11. I just had a baby..and believe me you don't want to sleep like one ;)
    In all seriousness I get no sleep improvement with HGH...the hand numbness for me at anything over 2IU a day is a bitch.
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    On my very first cycle of HGH I got sides from the black tops but after that I never got a single side effect except being a little tired at work for the first 2 weeks.
    Right now I'm on 400mg of Cypionate and 4iu of HGH. Been on 400mg for 7 weeks and been on 4iu for 3 months and I've noticed a big change in body. Like I said no side effects except better sleep and I split this GH dose from 2iu am and 2iu pm.
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    That's what I'm starting to hear, well luckily I sleep pretty well normally as I take 10mg of Melatonin a night. I'll see though.

    As for the sluggishness, I should be able to combat that with my caffeine regimen, which is currently around 600mg a day.

    I definitely can't afford the cognitive effects either so I will keep an eye on that as well.

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    Cheers. I'm planning on starting with 2Iu a day and working up to 4iu, splitting the dosage between morning and night, and I'm planning on running that for about 6 months, or until my injuries heal. thanks.