First Cycle Test/HCG/Anavar 12 weeks

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    Hey all,
    Ive been a lurker on the forum for a while and ive come to the point where I believe a test only cycle can greatly benefit me. Im 25 years old 5”6 195lbs. Ive lifted for 5 years or so with some periods of less due to school/work obligations.

    Lifts are
    Deadlift- 535x1
    Bench- 350x1

    Diet is good at about 2100-2400 calories depending 70g fat 200-300 carb 180-190 protein
    Lifting 4-5x a week currently will be upping calories as I go.


    Cycle will be as Follows:

    Week 1 - 500mg Test E (250mg 2x week)
    Week 2 - 500mg Test E
    Week 3 - 500mg Test E
    Week 4 - 500mg Test E hcg 500iu once week or maybe split into two 250iu injects
    Week 5 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week
    Week 6 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week
    Week 7 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week
    Week 8 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week
    Week 9 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week
    Week 10 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week, Anavar 75mg ED
    Week 11 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week, Anavar 75mg ED
    Week 12 - 500mg Test E HcG 500iu once week, Anavar 75mg ED

    Week 13 - Anavar 75mg ED
    Week 14 - Anavar 75mg ED
    Week 15 - Anavar 75mg ED
    Week 16 - nolva 40mg ED
    Week 17 - Nolva 40mg ED
    Week 18 - Nolva 20mg ED
    Week 19 - Nolva 20mg ED

    Any critiques, advice, or words of wisdom/encouragement are welcome

    Thanks guys

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  2. Eman

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    What is your goal with this cycle?

    Everything looks pretty good man... I don't care for the nolva only cycle, I'd opt for clomid instead but I think you'll be okay either way with this one. I suggest splitting the hcg shots.

    Your natural testosterone level is spectacular and you look like you have a great base to start from.
  3. Nrocinu

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    Thanks man appreciate the input. Im leaning toward splitting the HCG too ill just pin on same days as test.

    Main goal is Recomp and strength gain. Alot of people have said first cycles should be hard bulks but im already carrying a decent amount of natural muscle so im not too concerned with bulking. Thoughts?
  4. Eman

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    I honestly wouldn't waste a first cycle on anything but a bulk. It doesn't need to be a pizza, 6 cheeseburgers and a cheesecake per day... But a modest calorie increase will let you build some nice quality tissue and help you build your strength. It'll give you some extra muscle at the end and that will come in handy when going for a recomp or cut.
  5. Nrocinu

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    I was leaning toward a tapering caloric increase to like around a 500 cal surplus. I eat pretty clean as it is with the occasional pizza and cheeseburgers. Could never get myself to do those dirty bulks, would ruin my guts hahaha
  6. Just curious, what is the reasoning for including hcg during the cycle?

    Exogenous test in your fist cycle will give you everything you could desire. If your concerns are with your age and fertility, in that regard, it would make sense to run hcg during pct.
  7. Eman

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    I think you'll appreciate the results by doing it this way. Maybe slightly higher calories or just do a little cheating on the weekends to bump the overall calories up.

    It will make recovery easier. You should never run hcg during pct, it is counterproductive.
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    TLDR: Entering Week 2, all going as planned with no hiccups!

    Just finished first inject of Week 2 im pinning Wed/Sat due to work schedule makes it easiest.

    So far ive successfully pinned glute and both quads alternating around both glutes and quads. I work in the medical field so its been a breeze drawing/injecting safely. And ive had literally ZERO pip. Seen alot of talk about difficulty walking and what not ive had like a very small charlie horse feeling but thats it, hasnt hindered daily function.

    Diet has been pretty spot on eating enough and clean save for a few things here and there.

    Workouts have bee great! Silly to think im feeling the test already but since my natural test is already 1000+ I can see it "kicking in" for me a little sooner than most.

    Looking forward to updating and seeing some gains!
  9. Nrocinu

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    I have a queastion if anyone reads this and can enlighten me,

    My pre cycle bloodwork showed obviously higher than reference range test but also slightly higher Estradiol as well. Any recommendations on the use of an AI, would it be a good idea to run .25mg arimidex eod purely beause ai already had a slightly higher E level or just wait for realmsymptoms like itchy nips and such