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    Hello There! I plan on having my first cycle ever with Anavar, my background is: 24 years old, training constantly for about 4 years now, dieting since 2 years, with a really fast metabolism and not such a great genetic. I managed to get 13kg of muscles in the last 2 years but at this point whatever diet or training I try does not help me to get more weight, which is what I’m looking for.
    The product I got is Oxandrolon by Balkan Pharmaceuticals and it should be real (or I hope so), and my plan is having a 6 week cycle starting at 5mg per day the first 2 weeks, then 10mg per day split in half, one AM and one PM for another 2 weeks, and for the other 2 weeks I’m not sure if I should keep the same 10mg per day or maybe downgrade to 5mg per day, I don’t wanna go too high as I’m trying to avoid sides such as voice change.
    I plan on having a pretty clean 3000-3500kal diet, maybe a bit dirty just to get more easier calories, and supplementing with Omega 3, Nac, and Cholin-Inositol (which I found a pre made mix by foodspring and wanna give it a try).
    What I’m trying is to gain at least 5kg it clean mass, mostly in the bottom part as I’m trying to look still feminine and don’t want a Huge back.
    I’ll leave some pictures down here and would greatly appreciate some advices as I’m completely new to this
    Thank you so much

    F29A8654-44D3-4AC3-9DB9-75879CD98EFF.jpeg 05FBE5EA-533C-4707-A638-680E86986DB1.jpeg
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    Good plan, you'll like Anavar a lot. Not sure about that many calories, but you're going to enjoy the strength gain. Read the other logs in this section, they will help alot
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    You’re starting with a nice base from the natural work you’ve done over the last four years. That’s a nice plan to get the feel of Anavar and learn what to expect from it. I see your very lean but don’t worry too much if you begin retaining fluid. That is normal for women and the fluid will drop within two weeks after discontinuing the anavar. Good luck on your cycle.
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    I was planning on that because the only thing that helped me gain some weight was a 3000kal diet, no less than that, I don’t know if I’m lucky or not to say that my basal metabolic rate is around 1800kal per day, plus I’m pretty active and workout 5/7, so I think 3000 it’s the minimum rate I should keep for a bulking diet
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    Agreed. One girl I coach typically is about 3300 while growing
  6. Serena

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    How do you divide the macros?
  7. Serena

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    first log: I got 5mg half an hour before training, and workout was great.
    I finished 2 hours of glutes plus abs without even realizing, and not tired at all, I almost had no rest between sets and drinked a lot lot of water..we’ll see how it goes the rest of the day
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    I will never be someone who focuses primarily on the macros. I feel it's very important what foods the nutrients are coming from, and the specific timing. Never just "oh I eat 200p, 300c, 50f" sort of thing

    Design the initial diet and then modify based on how their body is responding and how they feel.

    If I had to give a rough idea of where her macros are initially for her growing season we're around 200g ish protein, 450ish carbs and 80fats. That's really the upper end of where I'd have fats, carbs and protein are the main focus. She thrives on higher carbs
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    Good job getting to that point without any peds! You have quite a bit of muscle and are very lean! This should work out well for you. Good luck!
  10. Serena

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    4th day: Workout is great, pump awesome as well, I was noticing some bloating before because of some hormonal imbalance which has disappeared now, no problems sleeping, plus I always feel hungry and actually drinking a lot more water. The only issue I found is some bad mood swings usually at night, I think it’s because i’m Just taking 5mg in the morning, and not splitting the pill in half for morning and night
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    I'd stay at the 10 mgs straight through the end if you tolerate it well.

    Are you wanting to compete in something? Seems like you have enough muscle as is for bikini, possibly figure. Good work for sure.
  12. Serena

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    Except for the mood swing I think i’m Tolerating it pretty good.
    Actually i’m not looking to compete cause I’m a bit “out of the zone”, I’d like Bakhar Nabieva’s legs with the top more feminine
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    She takes a lot of pics to "over emphasize" her leg development, but from more normal angles, I think she looks good . Screenshot_20180827-150833.png
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    UPDATE: I started integrating even Acidophilus e vitamin D3 1cap, Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids e Rosehip, everything is from Myprotein
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    Subbed for this!
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  16. Im not trying to suck up to the hottie or anything but how could you possibly think you have bad genetics..
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    Subbed. You look awesome. Can’t wait to see how the var treats you!
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    Cause it has been a “pain in the ass” for 4 years for me to get some muscle which I think it’s still not enough, while I see other girls with nice glutes, calves and abs without even training ‍♀️ Btw I’m mostly jealous of calves which I do not have at all and I hope that Var will help me with those as well
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  19. Well the fact that you look the way you do, and youve been all natural up to this point means that you have so much more potential. Calves are alot of peoples genetic handicap including myself. They tend to be one of the hardest muscles to trigger growth in. But with the kind of consistency that you've obviously had up to this point, I think you will be just fine. Just hit em hard and hit them often, you know the drill..
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