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    About to do my first cycle(just placed an order with Pharmacom), please critique and give tips

    20yrs old, 5’11, 175ish lbs, around 12% bf, 4 years of lifting

    255 bench 1RMax, 365 deadlift, 275 squat (highbar literally atg) 45lbs weighted pullups for 5x5

    I’ve done a SARM cycle to dip my toes in, did Ostarine 20mg a day for 8 weeks pretty decent gains, bench went from 225 to 255

    Anyways the cycle:

    Test E - 600mg 1-12 weeks (300mg Monday’s and Thursday’s)

    TBol - 40mg 1-5 weeks (20mg mornings, 20mg preworkout)

    Arimdex - .25mg e3d (up dosage to .5 or 1mg and the frequency if necessary)

    pct - clomid 50/50/50/50

    I also have 2 bottles of LGD 4033, enough for 8 weeks at 10mg ED. Would adding LGD be too much since I already am gonna run tbol?

    And do you guys recommend hcg? 500iu, or 1000iu per week if necessary right

    Goals of this is to lean bulk or recomp for the summer and just curious for the experience. Probably gonna be my only cycle or if anything, till I’m older.

    Here’s some natty progress pics before I join the dark side

    10514E93-88BB-4E44-8578-461E1E5E09D5.jpeg 9AB33D26-E1AD-4B1B-96EB-173E4830D8EE.jpeg F5D5ECB7-D127-49C0-BACA-622B979899B3.jpeg 01D0AF8A-0C0A-471A-8610-3584DCE55E3B.jpeg EE22F961-97C1-4D52-9055-5A0AF3EE352D.jpeg

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    more room for natty progress imho, but you’ve done very good so far and you do look great. you could build more lbm and add at least 30lbs to each of your lifts natty. therefore making a future cycle even more rewarding and effective
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    Cycle looks solid. Should give some nice lean gains. We'd probably all recommend for you to wait a couple years at least or until you add another 12-15lbs natty.
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    Yeah i agree, wait a bit longer. Im sure your t levels are fairly high as is so you should be able to make even more progress first. Have you gotten bloodwork to check?

    As for the actual cycle i have always read to stick with test only first. I am 33 and doing my first cycle with test only, is tough and i wanted to add orals but why not wait until you need it?

    Search for hcg on this board, i believe it is suggested to use 250iu 2x per week but i may be mistaken.

    I get it curiosity is a kill, but why not push your self harder now and then cheat a bit down the road? Just my 2 cents, do wwith it what you will and good luck either way.
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    Get blood work done to check your T levels. The biggest thing a lot of us could do all over again is get a baseline Male blood panel at 20. Many of us didnt before cycling for years and regret it, many of those same guys are now on trt or "cruise" doses just to keep shit normal.
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