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    Hello, im a new member on meso. Im 30 years old. Im 5 10, weigh 215lbs not sure of my bodyfat but im muscular for my weight. Im going to be trying my first cycle and would like to see what other member think. I will be using test e 500mg a week pinned once a week for 8 weeks and 25mg a day of d bol for 4 weeks. I also have anastrozole and will use .5mg every other day. i will be use nolva for my pct at 40/40/20/20 2 weeks after last test e.
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    FWIW I haven't cycled yet but general consensus is to stick with one compound on your first run. If you run more and run in to complications you won't know which is the culprit.
    Test e is usually pinned 2x weekly. 250mg mon and Thursday for example, keeping the levels stable and avoiding peaks and troughs. 12 weeks would be preferable with it being a long ester too.

    nolva as well as clomid tends to be the norm but spaced out as much as 4 weeks after the last pin with an enanthate cycle.

    Again, I haven't used yet so take this with a pinch of salt but from my reading here that's the advice I feel comfortable giving at this point. I'm sure experienced vets will chime in with first hand experience.
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    Stick with 500mg of test for your first cycle
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    Sounds good stick to just test e i have enough for a 10 week cycle. I will pin twice a week. Thank you much
  5. You originally said Test E, 500 mg, 1x per week.

    Is this Test E 500 mg/ml? If so, you're gonna have some nasty ass PIP throwing that at virgin muscle, split up or not.