First cycle.

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    those who saw my last thread about mental effects probably know what I'm about and knowledge going into this .

    I won't be posting to much other than base blood work ,during , and up to two months post pct, starting stats and ending stats. And for diet and other advice here and there.

    I'll be using 400mg prop for 10 weeks . For 70 days starting oct23 to new years eve . 10 weeks will use up all 5000 of hcg. Or not dose hc g till two or one weeks in and get up to 12 weeks in this cycle?

    I have a single vial of TNE if I want to add it in whats the better option ? use at the end, what are people's thoughts on ending on TNE or dosing tne at the start along side prop?

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  2. JackSmooth

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    Why run prop that long and pin yourself so many times? Run e or c. Tne is something I consider more of a boost in the days you need it, you won’t get much out of it other than that.
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    Short cycle to me ? I'll run e or c next time . I'm choosing prop it will kick sooner and leave sooner no down time going into pct. I believe I'll be ending every cycle with prop for its reduction of pct timing. I have E and C , just feel like using prop. Pinning probably won't be to bad for me, coming from pinning 3 times a day on peptides last winter for 3 months . Eod pins I think will be not a negative to it.

    That's why I added the tne to my last pack ,people talking about it being fun pre workout . What I wonder is does it have a kick start effect? Example like dbol to a text e,c cycle
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    People use prop to kickstart cycles. You won’t be kickstarting much. One thing to watch out for with the tne is Blood pressure and estrogen spiking, so keep that in mind.

    This won’t be anything like pinning peptides. It’s not uncommon for people to try prop and say “fuck that I’ll stick with a longer ester” due to pip. Warm the oil, massage good after and hopefully you don’t run into any issues. In the future you could always run a long ester and then put prop at the back end to transition into pct.
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    I read somewhere that massaging is bad? what are your thoughts on thigh injections ? Most do ,but some say it's a no no because if there ever was an infection it's worse than I guess anywhere else on the body. I know I'll have to rotate sites ,thinking shoulders ,lats, butt cheeks . Might do thighs but hear it's not a good spot . Reality though you can inject any muscle you want ? Traps an option to ja b?
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    Here’s a good site.

    I started with my quads and have been doing them along with delts and just recently added chest. Have never done glutes myself. As long as your sterile and your gear isn’t dirty, there’s no need to worry about an infection. Massaging won’t cause any harm, it will help disperse the oil in the muscle.
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    I don't massage, but have seen others say it helps them a lot with PIP. Infections can happen at any injection site. Quads, delts, and glutes are good choices for your first cycle.
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    Be careful with traps!!!! I don't recommend it unless you know a good amount of what's running where and which way inside your body.

    Check out my write up on quad sweep injections and read through the comments. As long as you are confident your gear isn't dirty quads are great.

    If I were you I'd save the tne for a cycle that you have more compounds in. Or if your just itchin to use it use 100mg 1.5hrs pre on days you want to
    A. Fuck shit up double time
    B. Lagging body part
    C. Bout to bang or go on a date with a hottie
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    I like option c.
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    It’s going to be fun to watch this play out. Enjoy the prop :) be safe!
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    Did first pin today . Zero pip on test prop ? Has issues drawing it out was a lot of pressure or something . Mixed my amp of pregnl hcg ,transferred it to a sterile vial and injected 250.

    Going to be dosing a little different than my title says . 4 weeks at 400mg and 6 weeks at 425mg.

    Also not using my AI till I notice any changes. That sound safe to do or start dosing .25 eod or e3d?
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  12. Btcowboy

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    Everyone has their own thoughts on AI. Some say start right away some say wait until you start getting sides. I waited until I started getting sides the started adex .25 e3d. I got symptoms of low Estro and stopped my AI until I noticed sides again now I am .25 e7d with no issues. Everyone will be different in how the compounds affect you.
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    Delt injection today was more difficult, couldn't aspirate so injected it and hope for best. no pain. Felt like I shifted the needle around more from a 90' to 70' witch sucked. felt like I was pushing in into my skin with more force as plunger time accumulated

    Also this is 150mg Virgin muscle. Upped it from the first 100mg glute pin. Going to go train shoulders now.
  14. Btcowboy

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    I haven't done delts yet, strictly quads for me so far. I have been practicing with just a syringe to see how steady I am and if I can aspirate. Haven't pulled the trigger though on the delts yet
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    I’ve been cycling IM for over four years and just started doing quads about three months ago. Since then that’s all I’ve done. Delts are great for low volume injections (2ml or less) Hey @enigma34 hows that virgin delt muscle feeling?
  16. Mac11wildcat

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    The bar none easiest way to pin delts is by laying your arm on a table with your elbow over the corner (kneeling). It puts your delt right in your face, you get a nice thick piece of muscle to work with, less reach since you can turn your body in. Can post a photo if you’d like.

    Best of luck on the cycle.
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    That's great advice, thank you.
  18. enigma34

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    Very minimal feeling of anything. Day after a faint prick feeling to the touch.
  19. Morefyah

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    That’s awesome who’s gear are you running? I want in on some of this pipless prop. I mean injecting 150 of prop in your delt and not feeling any kind of bite is bad ass!! Must be from a top notch lab.
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