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    Been doing alot of reading and research, heres what I got
    Doc has me on trt 200mg of test cyp once a week, at week 7 now!
    before starting trt, test was 286!
    was gonna start a second shot a week of test enth 300mg a week!
    so wednseday 200mg test cyp, sunday 300mg test enth.
    at 1cc each a week i can go for 16 weeks.
    I have anastrazole on hand ready to go and will do bloodwork !
    once enthates gone do i just continue trt as usual 200 mg cyp?
    would i still need pct which i have clomid, what would that look like?
    should i pyramid enthate and run shorter cycle?
    how far in cycle do I get bloodwork?
    put on 20 lbs lean mass
    been in the gym 25 years but age is kicking my butt so gonna step it up!
    thanx for the help!
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    No pct you’re on trt so just reduce the dose back to 200mg. No need to pyramid. If you need to work your cycles around your doctors bloodwork prop is ideal since it clears out faster and won’t raise any red flags with the doc, but if you have a long stretch of time then you can stick with test c/e. Get blood work 6 weeks in, plenty of time to let things level out and see where your testosterone is. 16 weeks is long. Keep it to 10-12.
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    Liking the ink.
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    Doc is cool with it, but not well informed!, thanx