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    What's going on fellas been stalking the forums for a while and wanted to finally love tackle my first cycle. So a little bit about myself I've been training for about ten years on and off but as of the last few years I have been giving it my all. Here are some of MY STATS.
    I'm. 19 5'2 199 lbs 25% bodyfat
    My bench is about 135x20
    Love squat (don't laugh knees are bad so I've decided to take up a Polish form of squatting) 255x12
    Cinnamon Deadlifts ( Korean Olympic methodology) 405x12

    Ok now here is the logic behind my cycle

    Test suspension as a base obviously I'll be running that at about 150mg every few hours

    20mg of halotest for that nice Kickstart that will give me goku like aggression

    500mg of tren enanthate twice per week.

    Ais as follows. Caber aromasin.

    pct will be 200mg clomid three months.

    Will be taking in four thousand calories per day as follows
    Meal one

    Four whole eggs dipped in darkchocolate

    Meal two

    Two salads at wendys

    Meal three

    Home made Philly cheese steak

    Meal four.

    Three scoops serious mass.

    Looking forward to this cycle as it will be the first of Many. Looking to be an adult film star sometime soon (seriously just got an offer from brazzers, genetics got me a little more than jacked eh)
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    Lol should blow up fast.
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    Right here is when I knew this post wasn't going to disappoint.
  5. A95otero

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    Would really appreciate it if some of the vets here would take me seriously as I am very passionate about my health and fitness.
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    Same, lol.
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    WTF am I even reading??? o_O
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    I'd skip pct and go straight to cruising at your age and in your situation. Low dose test, tren and mast year round at 100mg each. You'll also want some Proviron, cialis, PT-141 and TNE for when you do vids for Brazzers. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    Nailed it
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    What's with all these noobs with crazy ideas coming here??? This has to be one of the biggest snow jobs ever!
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    @MindlessWork your comment is very undermining and discriminating and I'll have you know I'll be reporting your non supportive remarks to the moderators of this forum.
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    If anyone doesn't have anything positive to say about my cycle or goals then swerve please I do not plan on being ridiculed.
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    Are you 100% serious? Genuine question man not trying to be a dick.
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    Come on now, get real. You are 19 years old and looking to cycle? You are still basically growing and you apparently don't seem to have solid training under your belt. Give it a few years and more training and a better diet than what you have described, and then we can have a better discussion.
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    This guys obviously joking
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    Is this Fish? WTF??? You all have to know this is a troll and if not, we truly can't help him. Why wouldn't he just run 3 grams Test and a gram per day tren Fina? What a rookie, ...o_O

    Sorry, it must be that fire Hmr gear,running aside the Atlas big ass gear. The hair is free!
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    I've done extensive research and my coach from little league baseball who I lift with and have known all my life has a great source for gear my tren is clear looks like water test has a yellow taint and suspension comes in powder form. My lifting is up to part and I've been training since I was nine years old. I only seek guidance from those who have been down the road of anabolics and if there are any adult film stars I would also like advice as to how to time my cycles correctly
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    I'm rarely on the forums on weekends, but please shut the fuck up and quit wasting everyone's time. You don't even troll good. Work on some originality. Humour us next time. This garbage wasn't worth the late night read on the shitter.
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    @Dw725 do me a favor champ post your Iq and then the reason you're so salty how about you finish your shit don't bother wiping your miserable ass and beat your wife you peanut butter sandwich
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    Show us a pic of the tren and other gear with meso and date on paper