first ever test-cyp and anadrol cycle

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  1. yzman692

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    I need some insight on how my cycle looks. No bull****, real talk please!

    Goal: Gain strength, add a couple hundred pounds on my total while bulking up to heavyweight class
    My Background: I'm a beginner/first-timer on gear. 5'9 170lbs 21yo (I know some people recommend usage >25yo but hey, there's Larry Wheels haha)

    Week 1-12: Test-Cyp 500mg/week
    Week 1-12: Anadrol 50mg/day

    Week 1-12: Proviron 50mg/day

    Week 12-14: hcg 1500IU every 5-6 days
    Week 14-16: clomid 150mg/day
    Week 16-18: Clomid 100mg/day

    Thank you all in advance!!
  2. Iron Frenchie

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    21 is to young. You should wait try to get to 190lbs first if your trying to go for a heavyweight class. Definitely get bloods done. How long you been training?
  3. Munky

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    Would not run Anadrol that long 4 weeks tops very hard on the liver u got a liver support
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  4. yzman692

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    i have been training for 4 years but only 2 years serious on powerlifting
  5. Munky

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    Proviron won't do anything but raise your libido, tho it can free up room for other compounds not really needed
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  6. Munky

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    Npp, deca for power lifting I suggest