First Female Anavar Cycle Log

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    Excited to announce that I'll be starting my first AAS cycle tomorrow, and since I learned so much from reading about other girls' var cycles on Meso, I thought it would only be fair to share my own experience on this journey as well :D

    I bought raw oxandrolone powder and suspended it on Ora-Plus at 5 mg/mL. The plan for now is to run an 8 week cycle at 7.5 mg/day split into 3 doses throughout the day.

    Some stats about me:
    • Female
    • Age: 23
    • Height: 5'3"
    • Starting weight: ~130 lbs
    • Strength: 235 squat, 90 bench, 270 deadlift
    • I compete in powerlifting occasionally, but my primary focus is aesthetics. Specifically, I'd like to add muscle to my glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders over the next 8 weeks. The bikini muscles, ya know ;)
    • Strength-wise, I'd love to hit a 250 squat, 115 bench, and 300 deadlift. That's just icing on the cake though, as I'm definitely not going to make strength my main focus for the foreseeable future.
    • Cardio: none (lol).
    • Planning to make this a recomp instead of a straight bulk, so calories will be around maintenance (1800 or so).
    • Macro breakdown is gonna be 200 C, 40 F, 160 P. I know that's a really high protein intake, but I just personally enjoy eating high protein and plus it's not gonna hurt.
    • I'm currently drinking a gallon of water a day and planning to keep that up throughout this cycle.

    I'm planning to update this thread every day with my weight, BF% (measured via BEI, which I KNOW is not accurate, but it's the best I have right now) and training, along with any sides I'm experiencing and any other subjective observations.

    Suggestions, criticism, advice, and overall feedback of any sort is 1000% more than welcome! Share all your wisdom with me! Looking forward to chatting with y'all! :D
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    When I did my cycle, I held water like crazy! I would add in dandelion root or a supplement to help push the water through. Also, add some cardio too. That will help with the water retention!
    I had really killer pumps on shoulder days and since that’s a target area for you, I would make sure to have some taurine on board to help with the pump! You will definitely increase in strength! Just make sure to keep water retention in mind! It’s kinda crazy! Var is amazing!
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    Thanks for the heads up! I conveniently have some dandelion on hand which I used to drop water for my most recent powerlifting meet, so I'll add that in if I notice any water retention!
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    kill It and keep us posted! Loving the females getting active!
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    Day 1
    Alright, I know I said I was starting last week, but my gym shut down for a week for renovations so today is the real day 1.

    Morning weight: 136.6 lbs
    BF%: 27.1 (by BEI)
    I'll take my "starting" progress pics this weekend and post to this thread.

    1. Side lateral raises
    • 1x15 @ 7.5#
    • 2x15 @ 10#
    2. Barbell squats
    • 3x10 @ 140#
    3. Barbell hip thrusts
    • 1x15 @ 135#
    • 1x15 @ 140#
    • 1x15 @ 145#
    4. SLDL
    • 1x15 @ 75#
    • 1x15 @ 80#
    • 1x15 @ 85#
    5. Cable pull throughs
    • 1x15 @ 37.5#
    • 1x15 @ 42.5#
    • 1x12 @ 47.5#
    6. Glute abduction machine
    • 3x20 @ 40#
    7. Calf press
    • 1x20 @ 110#

    I kept everything pretty light today because one of my goals throughout this cycle is to lay off the ego lifting and really feel the contraction in the correct muscle group for each exercise. I'm way stronger than I look, and being strong isn't really my goal - I just wanna get jacked. MMC has always been a weakpoint of mine, and I heard that Anavar helps with that, so I'm looking forward to seeing if I can activate my muscles more effectively after this cycle instead of just putting up heavy numbers.

    159C, 42F, 140P

    I actually rebounded a bit harder than I would have liked after cutting for my most recent powerlifting meet, so I decided to eat at a slight deficit instead of around maintenance as I had originally planned.

    Not noticing anything yet, but hey it's literally day 1. Excited to finally be getting started.
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    How is this going or how did it go for ya? My gf started today taking some var, but we are starting as low as 3mgs a day. Id love your feedback!

    Thank you!!!