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    Hi all first post here, figured as I’m starting my first cycle this would be the place to come for good advice and help.

    Been training for a few years now bf is around 13% so I figured I’d give a cycle a go. Had my pre cycle blood work done and took my first shot of Test C today.

    my cycle is only going to be a low dosage 8 week Test C only cycle as I don’t want to overdo it or jump in over my head like a lot of guys. ill be taking 125/250/375/500/500/375/250/125 weekly and then I have clomid for my pct.

    I was a bit shaky after that first injection today, worried about placement I was aiming for my Gluteus Medius and I think I got it.. I didn’t end up on the ceiling anyway! No blood in syringe when aspirated so I’m feeling good it seems to have gone well.

    I have another blood test in 4 weeks time which should help give me an indication of whether it’s working or if I’ve got debunked gear!

    question: what side effects am I likely to see from this cycle? Should I keep injecting my glute med or is the outer quarter of my cheek perfectly fine? Just been reading a lot of contrasting things and as you can tell I’m a pretty careful person so any help or sharing of experiences are always welcome!
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    Lurking for 4+ years, that's not creepy :D

    Water retention to some degree, acne, goofy shit like that.

    What's with the protocol? Why ramp it up and down like that? It's a long ester drug so you'd want to front load if anything.
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  3. TheRedStripe

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    Haha! I’ve thought of doing this for a while never got round to it or wasn’t the right time, figured it was time to jump in here now

    nothing majorly bad then, i had read that it’s better to taper down, something about lowering test gradually, easier on recovery or something, it’s more of a TRT cycle than first AAS I guess.. just being cautious... no idea what to expect so I guess I’m playing it safe

    read that some decent gains can be made from low dosages, but also been told that once I get a feel for it I won’t want to come off lol!

    I don’t assume hcg would be necessary for this?
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    Welcome. I remember my first injection, took me probably 30 minutes I was so nervous, ha.

    There are a few other good sites. Some guys love quads, others hate them. I prefer side delts myself.
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  5. Btcowboy

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    First one is always the hard one lol...if I was to be honest I still get anxiety pin day not near as bad though. Been pinning 1 to 2 times a week for about 1.5 yrs.

    Curious why you are tapering up and down? Just start pinning 250 2x a week until done.
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  6. Btcowboy

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    Missed this part... You can try other spots too. I pinned quads for almost a year straight, then delts for awhile. Now i rotate the 4 spots
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  7. Bluewhistle

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    Yeah dude just do 250x2 a week. Shut down is shut down. There is no point in taper
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    Welcome to meso!
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  9. TheRedStripe

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    I just figured it’d be safer this way I guess, but thinking about it now I can see it would’ve been much easier to cruise at 250mg for 10 weeks

    how do you find injecting the quad? It scares the sh*t outta me as I cycle more I’ll have to suck it up but the anxiety is terrible!

    Twice a week? I know 500mg is seen as the usual dose I just didn’t want to go in over my head for my first one so kept it low, 500mg weekly will likely be my next cycle after full pct. will my nuts shut down from such a low dose?

    thank you man happy to be here!
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  10. Bluewhistle

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    Then do 400. Taking any form of exogenous hormone is going to shut down your natural test production. Maybe I read wrong and this is just supposed to be trt? If its a cycle, cycle. You make your best gains on your firat cycle. Why would u waste it on a silly taper when 400 to 500 test is a good starting dose.
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  11. Bluewhistle

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    You can do what you feel is right. Chances are you will make some gains. Imo though fluctuating your test is not the best way to go.
  12. Sven_Northman

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    You will feel worse fluctuating your hormones like you have planned out.
    No matter how much you take, your natural test production will stop. It doesn't sound like you made a solid cycle plan that you are dedicated to. Either do or don't. This shit isn't a "dip your toes in" kind of game. Not trying to be harsh, just informative.

    So I'd consider upping the dose to at least 400-500 a week. Nothing wrong with testing tolerance at first. I did! But then went up to 500 right away. Run it for 12 solid weeks as the gains really start coming in around weeks 6-8. You spent the money, might as well get as much out of your investment as you can.

    Sounds like you plan to PCT. So look up the protocols on here and decide on one. Yes, hcg on cycle is supposed to help your LH and FSH start producing once you come off. Research that as well bro. Good luck and enjoy the ride. It feels fantastic when you get it all dialed in. So make sure you draw bloods 4 weeks in to check E2 and all your other health markers. Then, and only then take an AI if needed.
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    My first few shots I put headphones in and blared music into my ears. I think it was Pantera, Fucking Hostile. But yeah, listening to music helped. Good luck man, it gets easier.
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  14. kosp

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    I don´t agree.

    A tren shut down will be more severe than a test one, even used the same time.

    Even dose matters, so shut down is not shut down
  15. JP1979

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    I don’t see the point of the taper and why cycle just for trt? If your gonna do this, do it.
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  16. Bluewhistle

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    Hes not talking about tren. Nands shut u down harder. You think there is a difference between 125 test and 500 test as far as being shut down?
  17. kosp

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    Definitely, you can notice that in the recovery process.
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  18. Quads are a great spot, my favorite.
    They can take so much oil.

    Just watch a YouTube video and crank some music.
    You WILL hit a nerve at some point.

    Just feels a bit odd, I usually just keep pushing through the nerve unless my foot jerks up lol.

    Great spot,
    You'll get a good rotation going eventually to help prevent scar tissue.

    Love Delts too, they can take a solid 1.5 ml of oil for me.
    But I'm just a bigger guy, so try 1ml in delts and see how it treats you

    Edit, just make sure to warm that oil for Delt or for 3ml in quad (which you wont be doing this cycle... but trust me, one day you'll be loving those cocktails lol)
    The warm oil helps with newbie pip
    And hold that needle in for a solid 5 or 10 count after injection

    I find that helps with subq leakage
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  19. Btcowboy

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    Dont taper up or down

    I get issues once in a while with them but nothing horrible except hit a nerve dead on once, my fault rushed pinned damn near dead center front lol
    250 2x a week is 500. 250 sunday 250 Wednesday easy peesy
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  20. TheRedStripe

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    Thanks for all the insight gents, looking at the cycle and with what you’ve all said, Im going to change it to 500mg weekly with 2 x 250mg, I’ll be having my bloods done throughout the cycle which will be my guide for where I am health wise, I think I’ve just been overthinking everything and being cautious.

    think it’ll take some time for me to man up and pin the quads though

    On a cycle of 500mg weekly for 12 weeks, is hcg needed for the boys or just advised? Would like to avoid the extra injection if I could