First show pro cards?

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    Im hearing of guys going to one or two shows and getting their pro cards. Every time I ask it’s never ifbb or NPC. What other venues are there “procards” ? I’m confused
  2. Wasn't this the controversy with the IFBB International (run by Rafael Santonja) where Jim Manion wanted to split from them and only allow NPC/IFBB Pro-League as your ticket to a pro card? The rumors are that (allegedly) Rafael Santonja (IFBB International president) was running a dirty organization and bribes were taking place.

    Bader Boodai said he actually has legit evidence of these shady doings and presented some on an rxmuscle interview a couple weeks ago (some documents pertaining to competitions in middle eastern countries iirc).

    Anyway, those days are seemingly over. NPC/IFBB Pro-league is your only way.
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  3. Also, could be pro cards for other federations, after re-reading the OP that sounds like what these guys were talking about. Quite a few other federations out there actually. Some natural bodybuilding federations where one can have a pro card in as well.

    But not nearly the same level of prestige. This is just a fact really.
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    Yea he claims to be natural so that’s what it is I think. I saw dude blow up and maintain 4% for weeks while gaining muscle so I know it’s not the case. I’m guessing these
    “Natural pro shows” don’t test
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    It said on his Instagram NGA
  6. That's true for a lot of them, sure.

    But see some tested natural shows or natural-pro's that are ACTUALLY drug free and the difference in body composition is absurd. I've met a few high level drug free guys (high level in tested feds) and almost all just look like normal people when they're walking around, and honestly a lot of the legit natural guys also compete in raw pl to double their efforts so to speak (a lot use programming that is also conducive to getting stronger since that's probably the most efficient way to build muscle drug free).

    Not trying to knock anyone's accomplishments because lord knows I haven't accomplished fuck all myself, just things I've observed.
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