First test brews which carriers?

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  1. SidneyPascal

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    Hello I'll be brewing the gear for my first cycle soon I'll do test C @ 250mg/ml for the first 8 weeks and test P @ 100mg/ml for the last 4 weeks, which carrier would you use got these ones ATM.

    Thanks, SP

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  2. master.on

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    Almost nobody gets adverse reactions to Grape Seed Oil
    few people do to Medium Chain Triglycerides
    great starting oils, IMO.
  3. eje1990

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    MCT is the bees knees. I just did a batch 50/50 gso and MCT to force myself to pin slower. Cause MCT is like water
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  4. JackSmooth

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    Your grape seed looks orange? Only gso I’ve used is light green
  5. SidneyPascal

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    Mmm... Dunno effectively the gso I use to cook is lighter still these ones are marketed as carrier oils so they should be pretty good, they also have virtually any vegetable oil you can think of
  6. SidneyPascal

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    What about castor isn't it what pharma use?

    Also I got the 5l tank of gso because the price per liter was much lower but I see the shelf life isn't that long I was thinking to add 1-2% grapefruit seed extract and 0.1% vitamin to increase it as i red in a post on here
  7. eje1990

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    The gso needs to be cold pressed
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  9. Breakneck

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    For my first brew I used gso.

    I also considered mct but read something about it not holding as well as gso???

    Anyways gso was fine for me. I had some pip from test enth but I no longer have any sort of pip so it had to be virgin muscle.
    The Whataman filter cleaned it up to a nice light green tint.