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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Wade, Mar 20, 2016.

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    I've seen a lot of old school vets and members with years of experience give up dbol because it aromatizes fast, combine that with high test and it can get ugly quick if you don't address the issue from the get go.

    You're kidding right?!? Dude seriously stop posting, the advice you give is dangerous. You're gonna give this guy a pair of tits, go research some more.

    @Wade make sure the AI you purchase is pharmacy grade medication. Search in the underground section as you may find what you need.

    I prefer Anastrozole(adex) as my AI of choice, it has a longer half life than Aro and in my opinion is more aggressive.
    Adex has a half life of 48hr and Aro is 24hr. Research both of them on google and here

    If you're gonna do the test/dbol stack I'd have tamoxifen on hand just in case shits get hairy. Tamoxifen is a Serm. Start the AI from the get go if you're run dbol/test. Some people may need adex @ .25mg every other day as others may need .5mg EOD. You gotta pull blood and check the estrodial to dial your own body in.

    Here is a thread for you to read also.

    arimidex vs. aromasin
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    I figured man. You gave me better advice anyway. I've been reading up on it all day now. Thanks again
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    That's all you need - and an AI. Listen to Ozzy, he's a good dog and knows his shit.
    If you can double up you nolvadex order do it, then you can fix gyno AND have plenty to use on pct.
    You WILL aromatize on these two drugs.
    What you gonna eat?
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    Let me see if this works like I want it to. This is an old pic, but if you want a nice lump like this listen to thedude, if not listen to everyone else. Get an ai and run it from the start of your cycle.

    Finding your sweet spot for the ai will be tricky with the dbol only running 4 weeks. Then you'll most likely need to lower that dose after finishing the dbol. At high test with dbol (or even tren) I take .5mg eod adex. Some people don't need that much.

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    Yeah I seen a thread with a cycle very similar to the one I'm trying to run and I was thinking aromatase 12.5 from 2-12 weeks to prevent gyno because I want none of that so any further advice would help if needed. Also I'm planning to eat 4 to 5k calories a day.. That's my goal anyway. I don't have a specific layout of the foods I want to eat but I'm gonna start working on that today. Because I'll be starting my cycle either the beginning of April or the middle depending when I have a nice layout of everything and feel good about starting it
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    Yeah I'll listen to everybody else I appreciate the heads up on that though.. I was thinking aromatase 12.5 from weeks 2-12 but I see you said from the beginning so I should start at week one and Ozzy619 told me I could get symptoms of gyno before week two so starting it right off seems to be the best idea. Also do you think it would be a good idea to add a week onto my D-Bol cycle or leave it as is?
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    Thanks man I'll check all those out and defiantly be choosing one because I can go without tits that's for sure.
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions guys, they're appreciated. I wouldn't of started the cycle without suggestions or advice anyway but I'm glad a site like this exist. I will get everything straightened out and be sure to post a follow up on this thread to show my progress. Plus post cycle bloods. I'm probably gonna go get pre cycle bloods done so I can dial it in correctly and not be guessing
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    Sorry I said aromatase instead of aromasin earlier that's what I meant to say I read the cycle log wrong on another forum but again that's why I'm glad I came here for
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    No you got most of it wrong. AI since day one.
    Dbol start aromatise two seconds later you have swallowed the first pills.

    aromasin 12.5ED it's a low-average dose especially if you are using dbol and test together.

    I suggest you start with 25ed or use arimidex.

    I suggest you even more strongly to not do this stack because you have no idea how much you aromatise.

    So you should do this: start with only test and do 5 weeks alone with aromasin 12.5 ED, draw bloods and see how is your E2 then add dbol increasing the AI accordingly with your blood result.

    If you start using dbol and test together it will be a tough game to dial in the AI, start at adex 0.5 eod or aromasin 25ed
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    Why do so many people on these forums hate on each other? Dudes gonna need to take nolva or clo whatever when he stops taking test. Or its gonna suck ass for him. You said that if he takes dball and test, he's guaranteed to get gyno. Not true. I was trying to help him out, and not criticize him. If it makes you feel important or smart or whatever, by all means you can have it. You're super smart dude... And you a real nice, respecful person who definetely does not get off on being telephone tough guy, or a keyboard warrior or whatever... BUT to the dude who started this post.... not everyone gets gyno, so if you start developing lumps or anything or if u get worried, it would be wise to have some nolvadex on hand, just in case.
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    Or..... just use adex or whatever the whole time, dont gain that much weight due to no water retention as compared to not using it..... OR dont use anything at all that would kill or stop estrogen and see how you react to it, and hopefully you get big as fuck and dont get lumps.... have some nolva or letro ready to rock just in case, bc that shit comes like overnight. But either way, you win bc you can get rid of it. And next time you decide to gear it up, you know whether or not you need to run anti estro, bc estrogen is NOT the devil.... by any means unless you start getting gyno bro.
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    No one was hating on eachother. People were just telling you not to hand out advice because you are incorrect about the advice you are giving. Its the opposite, so far whoever has posted have been very nice because theu are looking out for the OP.

    The knowledge you are trying to pass on is dangerous, you really do need to brush up on it before handing out advice.
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    I guess you are right man. They were probably just looking out for the guy by telling him to use something no matter what to keep him from getting gyno JUST IN CASE the worst may happen. (Good looking out for him btw.) But when i literally read that if someone takes dball and test, they are 100% guaranteed to get gyno, i thought to myself "hmmmmm i have been using test and taking dball for years and have never had even the slightest sign of gyno" .... so i told the kid that not everyone needs to take anti estro during a test and dball cycle... bc its true, not everyone gets gyno...

  15. For me it was the bloat and painful pumps. I'd take Anadrol any day over dbol.
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    And at cdoubleu, you are right.... i came on here to get advice, not give it. So ill just kick back and not give anyone any input. Sorry for being a dick, dudes.
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