First time test e cycle

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    Been reading and doing research for awhile now but just recently joined the forum. I have seen many different cycles just like mine with minor changes.
    All gear will come from one lab/supplier. No time line on a star date just want to make sure I have everything I will need and have as much information I can gather.
    Any new information, suggestions, experience or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    10 wk cycle with 2 wk break and 4 wk pct

    Week 1 - 10
    Pharmatest E 500.. 250 mg 2 x wk
    hcg..... 250iu 2 x wk

    Week 11 - 12
    Pre pct

    Week 13 - 14
    Toremifene 40mg a day

    Week 15 - 16
    Toremifene 20mg a day

    Draw with 21 g 1.5
    Shoot with 23g 1.25

    exemestane on hand incase of estrogen side effect

    Blood work plan is one before cycle and one at 6 weeks.
  2. SweetTooth

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    Everything looks good. I’d personally wait 3-4 weeks to start pct and run a small dose of clomid I’m addition with the torm.

    You have any stats you mind sharing? It’s always fun to see how first cycles turn out as you should see the most change out of any of them if your diet and training is solid.
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    Just for the sake of conversation...
    Why 500/wk? Why not 250 or 350/wk for your first go?
    If the body naturally produces say 50-70mg/wk then even at the lower dose you'd be 5x the natural levels. Then pct, keep virtually all your gains and repeat. Slower gains are easier to keep than rapid gains.
    Plus, if the hcg works you'll still be producing your own T so it will be 250-350 right on top.
    I know the internet says 500 is a starter run but when I read posts from many seasoned lifters they say they get great gains from low doses and don't have to worry about sides.
    Good luck with your cycle.
  4. SweetTooth

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    50mg of what your body produces is nowhere near the same of 50mg of test enanthate. Response to testosterone is highly individual. 250 would not even get me close to 5x my natural levels. There’s too many variables to recommend a specific dose.
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    You are 100% correct. There are too many variables to recommend a specific dose. But I'm old. And conservative. And think ppl should find the Minimum Effective Dose before going balls deep. I also think that all the senior people here have a responsibility to the young and dumb (not implying the OP is either) to try and slow them down and make them question their choices.
    So I was not making recommendations. I was asking questions. Was the 500/wk a blind recommendation from ppl that don't give a crap about anyone's health? Was it an arbitrary amount based on a forum like reddit where teens run amok in a candy store of hormones?
    Are you suggesting the OP won't/can't make great and lasting gains from a fraction of what they are thinking? I ask these questions to gain my own insights as well.
  6. Eyeonly

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    I originally had clomid and tore for the pct. But found more info saying I should be good with just tore. I also went back and forth between 300mg and 500mg.. just decided to go with 500.

    One thing I did start to think about after I posted.
    Was the 500mg VS my size.... I'm 32. 5"4 155lbs and 15% bf. I need to read on it some more but I would guess 500mg would hit me harder then say another person who is 6ft 200lbs...

    Goals for me would be to gain some lean muscle and as little bf as possible or lose some and see what kind of strength I gain.
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