First time using anabolics(and HGH) Wanna make sure I dont hurt myself...

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    Hey y'all. I'm planning to run a 12 week cycle to get back to my former physique. Hopefully maybe even bigger and more trimmed. I'm 39 years old and before this past week, I hadn't touched a weight in almost 5 years. I worked out off and on through most of my 20s and the early part of my 30s, but have never used anything other than some simple testosterone boosters, Creatine and Whey Protein. I wasn't a seriously big guy, but I was pretty ok. 6'0 215 and had a six pack. My max flat bench back then was 365.
    I know I sound cliche, but these past five years, I've focused more on my daughter and my job and have just not worried much about my physical appearance. It has taken it's toll!! Last week, I got a membership at a local gym and today was the first day of my second week back in the gym. I'm gonna go light again this week but am eager to see where my maxes are now. Right now I'm 6'0 even, 241lbs and it IS NOT all muscle. lol I mean, I still carry some muscle under this cushion but I'm definitely overweight. My main goal is to trim down but Id also like to put on some serious gains too.
    My plan is to run a 12 week cycle of tren-A, HGH and Testo-Max. I've done some homework, but am not comfortable enough about what I'm doing to move forward just yet. I chose trenbolone acetate for it's fat burning properties, and I've read that HGH can help boost metabolism. This scheme(along with the Anavar) sounded like a triple-shot at trimming down. Is it possible(or even advisable) to run the first six weeks of the cycle cutting, then the last six weeks of the cycle bulking? I was gonna add Anavar for the first six weeks and stack Tren-A with Dianabol(and Armidex) for the last six weeks. Should I run Anavar throughout the entire cycle? Should I just do a 12 week cutting cycle? If I do just run a cutting cycle, can I still get good gains?
    I,ve also read that it is VITAL that I run a 4 week Post Cycle Therapy with clomid and nolvadex to help my body start producing it's own testosterone again. I don't know which of these is advisable... Whether what I've chosen is the best idea for my goals... I don't really know allot, y'all. That's why I'm here. I've made no purchases and don't plan to until I get a better understanding of exactly what I need to do to keep myself healthy and safe through the 12 week cycle and the pct. Hell, the only place I even know where to get any of these things are on the deep web. That sounds sketchy in itself, but I have a friend that's experienced in navigating a couple sites on there where I can get what I need.
    Probably my biggest question is that I don't know any other supplements I need to be running along with these things to stay safe and maximize my benefits from this. I read that I will wanna run Armidex if I stack Dianabol with Tren-A, to control estrogen levels and that I should add Anavar when cutting up. Thats about all I know about anything I need to run along with these. Hell... If anyone knows a scheme that doesnt involve HGH or Tren-A, I'm willing to listen to any help given.
    I feel like I dont have any idea of what I'm doing and am asking a whole lot of questions. I really am grateful to anyone that takes the time to read all of this and help me. It's important to me that I do this right and dont f**k myself up.
    Thanks again to any and all who dive into this book I've written here to help me. Truly grateful!
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    Oh... And something for you all to laugh about...
    Today was my second time working legs since getting back into it, and I'm walking around right now with rubber legs:D
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    Don't waste your money
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    You're really not going to like what I'm going say, which may or may not mean it's what you need to hear.

    If you are just back to this life this week and you want to run a fucking tren and GH cycle, you're completely moronic. I almost wondered if this was a joke at first... There isn't a single redeeming idea to your cycle plan.

    Go back to the gym. Learn how to eat right. Take advantage of the newbie gains. Forget gear for at least a year, preferably years.

    At most, go get your testosterone levels checked to see if TRT is needed. Other than that, abandon this idea.
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    @HeavyBencher This. Tough love but its in your best interest to take this advice.
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    Please listen to this man, that's the best most solid advice someone can give you. Steroids aren't a bailout for you being lazy for years. Your plan just isn't smart!
  7. HeavyBencher

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    Moronic? Ur a fuckin dick dude. I was here asking questions bc I didnt know. Im far from a moron, asshole.
    Dont bother replying. Wont be rechecking
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    Is testomax a pregnancy test brand?
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    dont focus on the part where he calls you a moron, its the rest of his post you need to follow. honestly to hop back into the gym after years of skipping it and jump straight into a tren/gh cycle isnt a smart move in any circumstance. you say youve been focusing on being a good parent, i tip my hat to you it shows maturity and strength. follow on using those same traits and build up your body and mindset so you can milk those early gains properly. you'll make more progress without gear after all those years away itll be like being on a cycle anyway. loads of good advise on here and a wealth of info that will set you up to get the body you want.
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    If you're this touchy before you introduce something that's going to raise your estrogen levels I'd hate to have you around after you start your experiment.

    Pick your battles dude.
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    Yes, do it all officer
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    No one's being a dick. If you had done any reading on this site you'd realize the answer you got is pretty standard.
    You don't jump back into training after 5 years off and start gear at the same time. It's a waste.
    You're going to have gains for the first year just like you did the very first time you lifted a weight.
    Gear is to push you beyond natural levels ...
    If you haven't been training or eating properly for years, you're nowhere near your natural potential.
    And you want to START with tren and hgh?!?!
    You've already shown that you're an oversensitive, quick to anger ass... Tren is probably not your best choice.
    Take the advice being given by the vets around here that know what we're talking about ... Don't be touchy about it, or you'll never get help on here from anyone...
    Train your ass off for a year natty, eat right, then report back... Maybe then you'll get the answers you want to hear instead of what you NEED to hear..
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    It's an injury waiting to happen. Get back to it for a while before supplementing.
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    Fuck it. Just let him do it!
    I say run double the tren, 100 mg dbol, don’t worry about adex, that’s for pussys.
    Hgh at about 20iu in the morning and in the evening.
    I promise you will swell up like the beast!
    Report back and tell us how it went.
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