First Tren Cycle

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    Lessons learned. All good posts, thx for sharing.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily say that's bro science. Buddy of mine was running very high tren in his cycle. Was running aromasin and towards the middle of his cycle he was lactating out of his nipples. No joke. He went to the doctor, got blood and told me they prescribed him pramipexole. So if assume there's some correlation between them. I've always ran caber with my tren cycles and never ran into any of the above issues.

    But it could be bro science. 50% fact 50% magic and 100% results.
  3. Could be your "buddy" was running RC or UGL aromasin.. Because if it was pharma grade then you don't need caber.. It's all in controlling your E2!
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    In my opinion and personal preference I would go about it a bit different:
    tren E week 1-3 @ 100 mg x2 a week
    week 4-8 @ 150 mg x2 a week
    Week 8-16 @ 200 mg x2 a week.

    But I would do test always a bit higher

    Test week 1-3 @ 200/250 mg x2 a week
    Test week 4-8 @ 300/350 mg x2 a week
    Test week 8-12 @ 400 mg x2 a week
    Test week 12-16 @ 500 mg x2 a week

    I really like having a good chunk of more test than tren. Again it always comes down to personal preference but this is what my 16 weeks would look like more so.
  6. No it was pharma grade aromasin. Same shit that I use. The point im trying to make is if his prolactin gets out of control he's going to need caber or prami to help. So might as well have it on hand instead of waiting for it in the mail to come.
  7. Are we going back and debate this again about prolactin and E2? If it is pharma grade, did you take enough to combat the increase E2? Any mid cycle bloodwork that shows acceptable E2 levels but elevated prolactin?
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    Prolacin only is an issue if youre estrogen is high. And how do you control high estrogen? Two letters... A mother fucking I

    end of fucking discussion on that!

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    @Steve84 i don't believe I'm ready for any test over 500. I believe I still can grow on that. So I definitely won't go to 500 2x a week!

    Could you elaborate more on why you like to increase doses over time during a cycle or is it just what you found works through your experience? Also, how were your sides with test higher than tren?
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    About me, So i'm about 230lbs, 6'
    Now I do take some other medication first off. But as time progresses I find the starting lower and going up is kinda key. Staying lower I didn't get any big gains. Start low, go higher, go harder and then taper off. Your receptors will reset once you go off.
    Now I do know someone that doesn't go as high with Test as me either just to be clear.
    I mean every individual is different of course.

    As for sides I felt better when I had a like 60/40 or 70/30 ratio of test to tren. Starting that high with Tren right away instead of going up slowly in doses I noticed I couldn't sleep but then with the slowly increased dosage I saw more strength, better gains.

    My first time on Tren I started higher and I didn't sleep for the first 3 weeks, but then by my week 8 I wasn't getting the same effect I did early on.
    Keep in mind if you start high, your body adjusts to what you are taking...naturally you need to give yourself more the longer you are on. That's why I start lower and go up.

    But of course this is just advice on what works the best for me.
    You can also look at some other recommendations like the philosophy of cruising and blasting. You start low for a period then you go hard and up high in dose and then you drop down low again.

    All I would say is even if you wanna stay at your top of 500 of test a week, don't start there. Start lower and go up slowly.
    But again..just me