First tren cycle

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    7CF1E936-6F7C-4130-9E17-100FAD373759.jpeg 6 years lifting. Currently 41yo/6’2/193lbs. Bodyfat unsure. I have 3 previous cycles under my belt. First being test only at 500mg. Second test only at 500mg. Third test/eq 600mg apiece. Diet was awful during my first cycle and my bodyfat was too high (somewhere around 20-22%). Second cycle my diet and training were a bit more dialed in but not perfect (still suffered sides due to higher bodyfat. I did not see much in the way of gains during the first 2 cycles. Third cycle I decided to cut. I went from 215lbs down to 185. Since then I have been cruising on 150mg test weekly and gained 8 more pounds slowly over the course of a year and stayed relatively lean. I wasted my youth drinking and staying skinnyfat. I picked up lifting in my 30’s and while my lifts all jumped my size didn’t. I ended up getting a hormone panel done and my test levels were 301. I have been on TRT since. Anyway back to the point. I am currently set to run 250mg test cyp weekly alongside 200mg tren ace. I have caber on hand in case but I do not believe it will be needed. Diet is in check currently at 3800 cals daily 30/40/30. I am in the first quarter of a GVT variant. I am not sure of my bodyfat but I want to be able to notice the magical changes that tren will supposedly make. Pic posted for estimates. Hopefully I can avoid some of the sides running a modest cycle like this. I have heard that less is better and I like that approach.
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    It seems as though you have a plan in place. I like your approach. Keep a log of everything to chart your progress. How long will you run this cycle?
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    You should be gaining without the gear at 3800 calories on 150mg. Your tdee isn’t over 3000. What’s your weight goal this cycle?
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