Fish during contest prep, does it really make a difference?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Evom1, Oct 27, 2018.

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    @rutman @fodsod @LordSamuilo @size26s
    For those of you who compete, do you think the old school train of thought that sticking to white fish during prep as opposed to other protein sources really yields a different look?

    Some coaches swear by it, some say it's just bro science from back in Kevin Levrone's days. I'd really like some input from those with experience. Especially if any of you have tried both routes.

    I do of course want to step on stage with the nastiest conditioning I can but truthfully the most un enjoyable part of the whole process is fish. The cardio, hunger, hormones etc all are far far less of an ordeal than eating fish for months. However, when it comes down to it, if it will in fact make a big difference then I will do what I need to do and accept it.
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    I didn’t eat fish one time during my last prep and was in the best condition that I’d ever been in. And I had 7oz of 93/7 beef every night for 12 weeks. Other preps I did eat fish starting around 8 weeks out. I do think fish can be beneficial though, especially the last month. I think 7oz of fish has less calories than 7oz of chicken... and It does digest very easily.
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    One coach I'm good friends with, has a couple guys on the olympia stage and he swears fish makes your skin appear thinner. Half of me thinks that's crazy, but half of me is also looking at his guys conditioning
  4. rutman

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    I’m not quite sold on the thinner skin thing. I think it’s due to the fish being less calorie dense than chicken, so there is a slight reduction in daily calories when switching from chicken to fish (tilapia), and making you lose a little more weight at the end.

    I’ve seen a few of the pro’s contest diets, and most do switch over the fish, almost exclusively the last few weeks. So there’s def something to it.
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  5. Evom1

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    The last few weeks, I'm cool with it. This guy wants to start it at 16 weeks out.
  6. Morefyah

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    I bet it will look real thin if you get yourself down to 4%. Try it out..
  7. rutman

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    John Jewett posted every detail about his training and diet on his website leading up to the NY Pro this year. Matt Jansen was his coach. Matt had him switch to fish towards the last month. Here’s a link to it but most of the weeks have been deleted. They had some great info...

    Blog – Page 5 – J3Sports RD
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    Well yes, the goal is to get down to that range either way, but I'm curious if there is an actual difference between using fish vs chicken or say egg whites.

    Say you reach the same body fat percentage dieting without fish vs on just fish, in a direct comparison, would you look different? Conditioning wins shows

    @rutman thank you! John is a very, very smart guy
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  9. LordSamuilo

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    I with you on this train of thought . Imo your macros are really the important factor . leaner protein souse = less calories per serving , but If someone has a mental barrier with cutting back portion size deep into a cut switching to a less calorie dense protein is for sure an advantage . Otherwise just cutting your total calories back will likely get you to the same goal in most cases .
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    It may just be me, but I'd rather be starving and only get 4oz of chicken for example than have to eat any amount of fish. There were times deep into my cut where I literally would dread the upcoming fish meal even tho I was hungry as fuck lol
  11. LordSamuilo

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    Im sure there are a percentage of people who do better with fish over chicken even if you account for the difference in calories . I dont think its nessisarily because fish has some magical properties that "thin your skin" like people say lol . I think certain people may digest it better , or having a better response to lowering their fat intake is a possible arguement . But My rule of thumb is not to change things up that are working . Ive always had good results with chicken breast so i stick with it . My advise would be if your on track , and feel and look good eating chicken breast as your main protein theres no reseaon to start arbitrarily changing your diet up .
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  12. Demondosage

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    I've always looked better and more conditioned eating tilapia over chicken. For some damn reason I just don't look as grainy and hard eating chicken like I do eating fish.

    Actually, the perfect combination of protein sources for me is white fish and sirloin steak, consuming the steak once a day and the fish well....much more than I want to eat it!!!

    One thing I want to research more is ditching egg whites the last few weeks before a show. This is something a coach has a client doing because he claims eggs have something in them that doesn't make you as sharp the last few weeks? If anyone knows I'm all ears, I've never heard that before
  13. fodsod

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    I’m of the same opinion as rut and lord.
    I believe it has to do with the leanness of the fish itself. The fat is almost non-existent so you’re dropping calories there in a specific macro that has 9 calories per gram even though the protein is the same. That matters big time when you’re that deep into prep.

    At mid single digit body fat levels everything matters if you want to keep getting leaner.

    I’ve never used fish for a prep and I’ve been down pretty low and been pretty damn grainy. Maybe I’d have been better if I ate fish. Hmmm. :)

    IMO, it’s too expensive and a pita to prepare and keep it edible at least for me and my schedule.

    Besides, if you run 9+ ius ed of gh with clen and t3 combined with a solid training and cardio protocol it doesn’t matter what your protein source is, you’re going to be lean.
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  14. tengtren

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    All it is is a meat option that is low in fat, and fish for me is easier to get down that chicken breast which is about the same in terms of nutrient profile
  15. Holidaypay

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    I don't compete but i noticed when I'm dieting fish helps me a lot I can eat bigger portions than chicken so I feel fuller an don't have to fight the urge to eat so much
  16. Evom1

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    I'd rather eat 4oz dry chicken than 12oz of fish lol

    If I can achieve the same look holding off on fish until the last 4-6 weeks that would be perfect
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  17. TheH0517

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    The one thing I noticed with white fish is my body seemed to be more comfortable digesting it. Less stress, less bloat, etc. But, as you know, others may digest chicken better. I think it should be personal to you. Maybe try it for a day or 2 and just see how you feel. Or say fuck off and eat the bird!

    Edit: I also don’t think 16 weeks would be necessary. Maybe the last 4 or so... just an opinion from some random guy though
  18. Holidaypay

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    Yeh chicken deff taste better but for me restricting food has always Ben hard I would eat 4 oz of meat an break at end of night an eat a brownie or chips etc but if I ate the fish it filled me up that's just me tho I honestly don't think its a staple u can achieve the same look with a bunch of diff things best of luck hope it works out for u bud
  19. Mac11wildcat

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    There is nothing unique about white fish other than it’s typically near zero fat and tilapia is a HORRENDOUS source of nutrients IMO.

    The choice at the end of prep becomes fish to eliminate as many fats (cals) as possible.

    I’d choose cod over tilapia. 16 weeks of fish? Find a new coach. That’s absurd. Prep should be hard, not nauseating from day 1.

    For reference the last 3 weeks of my prep was mixed chicken and fish. One week it was white fish, greens, and mustard every meal.
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  20. Evom1

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    Mac, could you pm me if you have recommendations on a prep coach? Finding a balance between nasty conditioning and health conscious yet under $400/month seems to be a bit tricky