Flat Bench Barbell Pain in Arm.

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 3sixty3, May 6, 2018.

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    Alright guys, well I guess this is my first post been reading mostly. I took a break from lifting and training for 8 years. Got fat as fuck because I like food, and the entire making a family scene and shit. Been back in the gym since mid November and went from 315lbs to 246lbs. Still want to drop about another 30lbs and then work on gaining some quality size. Lately when I lift flat barbell bench I experience a good amount of pain in the outside of my arm/bicep area. Pretty much exactly between the shoulder and the elbow. I am guessing its shoulder related, but this is the one exercise that I really cant do now. If I switch to dumbbells It doesn't really seem to bother me much at all. After taking 8 years off and getting back into lifting I can definitely tell the difference in my age. Late 30s now. Any suggestions?
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    Stick with the dumbbells for a few months and let it heal.
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  3. This, and give incline/decline bench a test run. See if there's any difference.
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    Incline Doesn't seem to bother me near as much, aint gonna lie tho I miss my barbell lol. My gym only goes too 120s on dumbbells.
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    X2 on DBs