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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Kpaxi, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Kpaxi

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    got some floaters in my brew after filtering so I’m assuming the filter membrane broke off. I’m using 13 MM nylon .22 syringe filters (aciddently bought 13 mm). Can I still filter with these and it will just take longer? Also did it break because I had too much pressure? Was using caulking gun and I had it pretty much maxed out. Thanks in advance
  2. JackSmooth

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    2 things that can cause floaters. Too much pressure or too much heat. Filter again and it’ll clean it up.
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  3. Kpaxi

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    Just test P so no heat. Musta been the pressure. It’s just filtering so slow because the 13mm haha. I appreciate it
  4. Kpaxi

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    Any idea how much I can filter for each 13 MM filter? I was figuring 20-30
  5. Eman

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    It's also cold oil... Warm it up, it'll move easier.
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  6. Kpaxi

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    Has anyone pinned gear with tiny floaters before. Never would definitely refilt the stuff I have. Just curious as to what issues it would cause with such tiny particulates.
  7. Kpaxi

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    Like I wouldn’t of even had known if I didn’t shine a light through the bottle
  8. Savagesteve

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    Run it and send us the updates from the hospital
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  9. Kpaxi

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    No thanks was just curious
  10. Dr JIM

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    If the complication list of solubilizing a drug for parenteral use was that short and simplified Big Pharma wouldn't be making millions off of AAS

    Here's another obvious cause of floaters; CONTAMINANTS!

    In fact product contamination should be FIRST on anyones list. And maybe that's why Pharma lists the presence of a non-precipitants as justification for returning darn near any parenteral drug.
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  11. Dr JIM

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    Bc all drugs have solubility coefficients, if you are abiding by traditional/ legitimate Pharma practice the presence of insolubles is highly suggestive of contamination.
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  12. Savagesteve

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    Wasn’t being a Dick man but you know the possibilities. Any of us get a floater from a UGL and all hell breaks loose
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  13. Kpaxi

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    Wouldn’t proper filtering deal with contamination?
  14. Dr JIM

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    Good question.

    And the answer is it depends primarily upon the SIZE and chemical nature of the contaminants.

    For instance while the smallest bacteria is about the size of the largest virus both being 400nm

    So a filters pore size is extremely
    important. In addition there’s a variety of AAS production fragmentation byproducts (from peptides, RNA, DNA or chemical insolubles) othat can pass thru any filter some of which form aggregates often referred to as floters.

    Thats not to suggest aggregates are necessarily infectious but rather are simply not consistent with a quality product.

    And bc the quality control of UGL raws are questionable folk are better off assuming few if any mail order AAS come close the the quality of Big Pharma.

    And for this reason alone, exclusive of ensuring the brewing process was procedurally sound, AAS with floaters, unexpected discoloration, or precipitation etc are better off in the TRASH CAN.

    Or return it to your supplier for a full refund :)

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  15. Kpaxi

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    Thank you for all the info! It really is a help. I’m going to filter warm through bigger filters next batch and hope it was user error
  16. TRT

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    A good rule of thumb to follow is to NOT use cheap filters.