Flu shot time

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  1. Aztrocreep

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    I got my flu shot today...I got the shot in November last year and ended up with the flu on New Years Eve . First time in years I got the Flu, it was horrible, put me down for a good week... I don't know if I waited to long to get the shot last year and\or if the shot was ineffective...We will see this year...
  2. Breakneck

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    My understanding of the shot is they take say the top 5 strains of the flu virus that they predict to do the most widespread damage and make the vaccination with those.

    There's like 30+ strains of the flu virus and maybe my local news is bullshitting me but the past few years they say the scientists missed the mark hugely and the shot was only like 15% effective but if you get the flu it'll be far less intense than it would've been without the shot.

    My numbers aren't me stating them as fact but they're close and you get my point about the flu shot and what it is.
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  3. NorthMich

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    I never get the flu shot and I never get the flu, either
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  4. Evom1

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    "here's a free injection from the government, totally is to keep you healthy, promise! Of course we want to stop you from paying more medical bills...."
  5. tengtren

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    I have gotten the flu shot 3 times. As a teen/ young adult I have never had it. And I have never had the flu since I was a youngster

    If I were to get it I'd say "stop. I got this, your inj technique is probably amateur at best)
  6. Breakneck

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    I get the flu shot yearly.
    I've had several broken noses and 3 surgeries on my nose and it's still fucked up in there.

    My sinus don't drain properly leaving me susceptible to sinus infection and the flu etc.
    I get the shot and since getting it haven't had the flu once.
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  7. An1970

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    Isn’t it more beneficial to keep yourself in a top shape, and your immune system high, than to depend on a influenza shot that is actually not 100%?
    Had no flu in 15 years, no flu shots either. Last time I had a flu shot, I have experienced worst case of flu, that I have ever had. It was such a disappointment that I never went back to it.
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  8. Demondosage

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    The flu shot is a scam, fuck that shit!!! I haven't had the shot in over 20 years and I think I had the flu one time in those 20 years
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  9. BigNattyDaddy

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    Had to get the flu shot once for a job. Never got the flu prior that and still haven't to this day. Knock on wood.
  10. Demondosage

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    You guys think having the flu is bad? Try getting ecoli!!! I got that shit from a ski resort once (as well as everyone else who went that day and got ice from the drink machine)

    I lost about 20lbs and felt like fucking death!!! It was the flu x 100!!! Worst experience of my life
  11. An1970

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    Ecoli will drain the life out of you...through your ass! That’s messed up.
  12. nukklehead

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    I work in the industry and it is mandated. Luckily we have an underground of peeps who know how to fudge the system. Aside from my prejudices of the influenza shot ( I wont go into the many) i like to pin my doctors down and ask this "Doc would you ever prescribe and medication that has 20-30% efficacy to a patient"? Of course they say no. Then I ask them why they insist on the influenza vaccine? Oh they like to snort at me and most wind up saying "Well if you get the flu, the symptoms wont be as bad if you had the vaccine" Im not saying it doesnt exist, but for the life of me, I cant find a reputable study on the internet (NIH,FDA etc.) that proves that. Not saying it doesnt exist. I know a doc that is telling his patients to keep Vitamin D-3 levels high, Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium supplements and he swears this is just as effective. But he wont admit it though because the establishment would black ball him.
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  13. MythotiK

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    No flu shot in 9 years, had the flu once, so.........
  14. nukklehead

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    BTW , the flu dont scare me, AIDS dont scare me, TB doesnt scare me, Now C-Diff,, that scares the shit out of me , no pun intended
  15. Demondosage

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    Yes Sir you are correct. Shitting and puking at the same time, it was awesome let me tell ya

    PIZZABOY Member

    They do at work every year, i said let me do it, just jabbed a delt and went on my way.