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  1. Anyone got any experience using Follistatin short term? I've become fascinated with the idea of myostatin inhibitors and now just reading into follistatin.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you just need one of the 2 and not both? Or would you want to inhibit myostatin with something like GDF-8 and then also use follistatin simultaneously?
    This is not anything I would ever just run into and I'm not even considering using it. I'm just in the initial phase of curiosity and research.

    Any info or experience would be appreciated!
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    I did a lot of research on this a few years back and from my understanding it was all fake. I even remember running a ton of it at one point for a few months and never got any results from it what so ever.
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    I believe real Follistatin is very expensive. Like 5k for 1mg. This might be a different form than what peptide suppliers are pushing I'm guessing. I would have to do more research.

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  4. Yeah I read that one month is around $10,000.00 just for the proper myostatin inhibitor.
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    Follistatin is supposed to be Middle Easterns great secret
    but it's a 6-figure per year proposition
    Follistatin human SRP3045
  6. Thanks, I gathered enough info to understand it's not worth it.