Forests Cycle 4 School Show. 7/7 - 9/13

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    I never had a real introduction to the meso board so here are things about myself. I am 24 year old college student I do also work. I have been seriously training since 1/1/2012. Thats right i was a resolutioner! and i made it here with no set back and no huge brakes in training.

    I am 5'8" 176 pounds. I started a cut about 2 months ago and weighed into day at 167.8. I used to compete in school sports football (though i was bad.) Wrestling and track were my better sports.

    Once i got to college i was out classed and played intumurals. I tore my acl in 2009, I became timid and never really got that drive to play sports like that again.

    Started playing games like Super smash bros on a high level and trained hard at that for years till i had a break up. You know as the old saying goes break ups make bodybuilders.

    So here i am. I have competed in the same small school sponsered show once and took third. I entered with no homonal aids just a great diet and training plan. I did well, I won most improved and 3rd overall.

    This year i want to see what i can do with some gear and how much extra muscle i can save on this cut with its use.

    I have done one 6 week epistane cycle and that was great that stuff is no joke. I took it very serioulsy.

    I am not very strong and seldom do i lift heavy to figure out my "max" Here are some old numbers from the ego days. I dont know what these might be now.
    Max Lifts:
    Deadlift: 315 x 5
    Squat: 315
    Bench: 275

    Sustanon 500mg ew weeks 1 - 10 Legend
    Anavar 50mg ed weeks 2 - 10 Legend
    Test Prop 100mg eod weeks 1 - 4 and 11 & 12 leading up to pct Legend
    Aromisin 12.5mg eod weeks 1 - 17 (adjust as necessary) MJR

    clomid - 100/50/25/25 MJR
    Steel Lidido
    other generic test booster

    I have a variety of support supplements I will be taking. Also have t3 just incase.
    Milk Thistle extract
    Hawthorn Berries
    Red Yeast Rice
    Saw Palmetto Extract
    Vit B Complex
    Vit C
    Vit D
    Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc
    Krill Oil

    Diet: 2000 calories
    Protien 165g
    Carbboydrates 100g
    Fat 100g

    Atm i will be training 5 on 2 off. I work the body part i am best connecting with that day assuimg i have not trained it yet that week. Each day of the week might be different from last week.
    With abs twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.
    As the 4 week mark comes up i will be switching to 6 on one off and cardio depending on my bf %
    All cardio will be liss. Mostly swimming and water running. although even liss swimming can be a bitch.

    As the Show gets closer to 4 weeks out I will remove carbs and add more fat and protien depending on my bf%.

    Here are some pictures of how I did last year. 152.8 4% bf

    Join for the GAINZ & GIRLZ!

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    Day one and two

    I took the shot one cc of prop and one cc of sust in the right glute. It was easy pinned and pulled with a 25g 1" pin. Felt good going and and shooting.

    Worked shoulders on monday gym closed earily due to work study ending or some bullshit. I was unaware of this and missed my work out. Will be making this up. I do not feel the test yet.
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    Day 3
    Shot 1ml test prop in right shoulder
    worked chest and abs today.
    135 x 15
    185 x 10
    175 x 8
    155 x 10
    135 x 10

    Incline db press
    45's x 12
    50's x 10
    50's x 8

    laying cable flys
    2 sets x 12

    Pec deck machine
    2 sets x12

    Triceps rope press
    2 sets x 12

    Reverse Grip triceps press
    2 sets x 12

    Reverse bosu ball crunch
    3 sets x 15
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    So its the end of the night on day 3. The right shoulder i pined 1 cc of test prop feels like i have a deep brusie or got hit with a hammer. The pip is not fun. My right ass cheek is still sore from the initial injction of the sust 250 and test prop one cc each.

    Tomorrow its just the sust one cc in the left glute and i will be able to compare the over all pip from the prop and the sust.

    I am noticing that i am sleepy more then normal thoughout the day. Not feeling any real difference so far.
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    Good luck man! That's a fair bit of substances for a first time cycle especially for a school show? I would compare how much money its going to cost for the cycle with how much money you win.
    Sometimes a five dollar trophy is just a five dollar trophy.
    The sleepiness may be from too high estrogen but seems quick for 3 days.
  6. looking lean bro gl mN
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    Day 4

    Today I shot sust one cc into my left glute. The injection was not a smooth one his time. I had trouble getting the neddle to pierce the skin of my glute. It actually caused a bit of pain. When i took the neddle and looked at it it seemed that i had put a slight curve in the neddle.

    I suppose that i need to put the pressure on faster rather then gradually. The other injections so far have been a breeze.

    The pip in my left glute from mondays 2 cc injection is finally gone. The right shoulder is sore from the test prop its like i got hit with a hammer. It has not stopped or slowed down my workouts thankfully.

    Today I hit back.

    135 x 12
    225 x 12
    attempted 315 failed
    275 x 3
    225 x 12
    245 x 12

    machine high rows
    3 sets x 15 reps

    Cable Rows
    3 sets x 15 reps

    Machine Lat pulldown
    3 sets x 15 reps

    4 sets x 12 reps

    I took a nap in the middle of the day again due to tiredness. Been sleeping well each night. I think my diet might have something to do with it along with the test. Tomorrow I pin 1cc test prop in my left shoulder but depending on how my right glute feels tomorrow i might just put it there.

    I will not win anything from the school show. Although i am doing this for more then just the "fun" of it as i am giving respect to the compounds i am using. I did not just do this on a whim. I wanted the experience more then anything. Next to that i wanted to save more muscle on this cut then i did last year.

    Assuming the measurments are correct (bod pod) i lost 6 pounds lean body mass during my cut from 172 to 152.8 for last years comp.
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    Yeah that prop will always leave you feeling sore. Wait till you hit your quads. Then you'll really feel the knot.
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    Word to the wise, don't pin prop in your quads. Start with the sust if you want to do quad shots. The prop pip will get better, but the first few were pretty bad. I hit my quad with a ml of enanthate and a ml of prop together and was hobbling for a week.

    Good luck!
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  10. ive said it before test prop and quads equals death!!
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    Day 5

    Today I realized that I had been taking less aromisin then i had originaly thought. I had been taking .25ml which is 6.25mg eod. So today i took a whole ml which is 25mg. I will get back to .5 ml or 12.5mg eod on monday.

    Todays test prop shot was in my right glute and it was a clean injection. No problems. The pip from the sust in my left glute is setting in. Its not bad at all though.

    Hit arms and abs today.

    9 sets

    9 sets

    9 sets

    Pip in right shoulder is getting better but i will not be injecting prop in the detls again. Sust in the left delt monday.

    back is dead from the workout yesterday. The deads are what killed it.
  12. hows the aromasin treating ya bro? r u tiredfrom the e2 drop?
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    Yeah i been sleepy in the middle of the day for a couple days.

    Side note i had caught a stomach bug avout 6 days before i began the cycle. I healed about 2 days before my cycle started but i just took my first solid poop in 2 weeks. Feels good man.

    Pip is healing up and is also not as bad then it was in a virgin muscle. Prop in right glute is not nearly as bad as it was the first time

    Also no injections today and off from the gym.
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  14. bro careful. if ur e2 is too lows youll have hindered muscle growth. you need some estrogen for growyh. try cutig down the exemstane. 25mg had me lethathic as hell
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    i am going to be running it at 12.5mg eod from here till i feel the sides or bloods show adverse levels. I will adjust depending on how i feel.
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    I would really like to see you eat more, I understand you would like to stay as lean as possible but 2000cal is not enough, maybe on non-workout days but ur goin hard 5-6 days /week including cardio.... Say u burn 6-700 a days working out runnin around campus, fucking, w/e.. You think 1300 cal is enough too support basic functioning and build muscle? Look, if u gain 8lbs lbm and gain 1lbs of fat - you'll still be at same bf % but you'll look wayy better. Bro add another 50g protien, an extra banana w/PB , sweet potatoe or bowl of oatmeal. Some ppl will debate me but I believe you CAN gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously on aas... Pls just eat more... For me
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    Ohh and your sleepy cuz ur body wants to hibernate to save calories ... That's how it starts
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    I will play around with some of the foods i eat and add something exotic like 90% cocoa cholocate or avocado see if it makes a difference. Admitedly i have little experience dieting on aas.
  19. yea bro bump them cals esp on cycle to get them gains but remember to keep them.clean. i redd a slight cal surplus like 500
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    Day 7

    Shot one cc test prop in the left glute. It was a flawless injection. The pip has not even been bad today. I for sure feel like I stabbed my self with a neddle and shot some oil in me but other wise its good.

    I hit legs today. It was a solid work out. I enjoyed it once i got going. I hit my squats pre exaused today. Was still feeling strong till the last few reps of squats.


    Lounges - 45lb in each hand 10 steps per leg.
    3x 20x 90lb

    Leg ext. - individual legs

    Leg Press
    12x 190lb
    12x 230
    12x 290

    Hack Squat
    12x 155lb
    12x 175
    12x 205

    12x 95lb
    12x 135
    12x 185

    Looking back on the workout I see that i sould have went heavier on the squats. I worked in with some kids fresh outta high school. So I just did their weight. I think that i might have used that as an excuse to keep it lighter. The mind will play some dirty tricks on you when you are exaused. I had to cut out calves due to time but will hit them tomorrw.

    Today was my Dads birthday, so i followed my diet till we went out to eat as a chinese buffet. I ate alot and then had cake.

    It was a good day. Still not quite feeling on.