forgot to refrigerate hcg

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by wiz, Oct 4, 2006.

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    wiz Junior Member

    i mixed it did an inj. put in the safe and completly forgot it was supposed to put it in the fridge. it was kept in the safe (controlled temp of about 75*) for three days. im hoping that its not ruined! any input? :confused:
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    van-man Junior Member

    depending on your current level of atrophy, you'll know real quick whether it is any good or not. Take your regular injection IM right before bed. If you have an increase in testicular size in the morning, then its still working.
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    PUMPED101 Junior Member

    just take your hcg like you planned...nothing negative will happen...if balls come back then you kno it was not totally degraded
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    ItalianPride Junior Member

    putting mine in lunch cooler bag and ice packs and changing them twice a day, dont want my roomates girl getting snoopy and shit. in the fridge. should be cool enough i think, got 4 ice packs in there..just started today and got some viagra for a day or 2 need to get my wang into action tonight...v-man knows what im talking god my buddy came through and got me hcg in a hurry man i looked so bad in bed this past week..

    i did about 800iu today i hear people say start at 500 and some say 1000 so 800 sounded good to me and then i'll go to 500 i think after 3 days or so for 10 day cycle i think, anyone disagree and im on nolva 20mg ed
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    van-man Junior Member

    500iu has always been plenty for me. I can tell the difference the next morning big time. (I take it right before bed)
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    Bigkarch Member

    so many quewstoins for a simplly it wont hurt if was in dark and never touched,m a travel to San fran is fine...
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    MaxRep Member

    And from our resident wise man, the definitive answer... even if you do have to spend a little time deciphering his utilization of the English language. :D

    Best to you Big K!

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