Former Pros BBs disclose use of gear video; Ronnie C, Lee Priest, Cormier...

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    Former Pro BBs Admit to use and speak about dosages video; Ronnie C, Lee Priest...

    Set of interviews Tom Platz carried out in the 90's, exposing top pros with their use/abuse of gear
    Former pros interviewed in order of appearance: Ronnie Colleman, Aaron Baker, Mike Matarazo, Chris Cormier, Lee Priest and Paul Dillet.

    Video 1:
    video 2 :
    Video 3:

    *Note: The identities of the interviewees are supposedly masked, but it takes a dumbass to not know who they are.

    Peace out, and I hope you enjoy

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    Cool, thanks. I'll listen while I am working.
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    I'm having a hard time believing Ronnie Colman. No juice in the offseason !!
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    I think Baker gives a good interview although it has some over exaggerated stuff in it in my opinion. But he comes across as one of the most open and knowledgeable.
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    Found these videos a few weeks ago there pure gold!
    thanks for posting
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    In the first video at 28 minutes Ronnie Coleman is talking about nolvadex, clomid, and he mentions one other drug that's spelt test... something that he says works but Nolvadex doesn't... why did he say Nolvadex doesn't work? Can anyone help with this? And why you can't take it with hgh... or is it just bioscience??
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    These interviews must be around a time when body builders were still billshitting about their cycles.
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    Ronnie Coleman: 2 cycles a year. Of 3 month each.... AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!

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    Teslac is the compund they're talking about. nolva reduces significantly gh and igf1 levels (there are studies out there, look for them). Teslac doesnt.
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    No doubt bro!
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    Significantly? I don't think so :)
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    whats exaggerated? the little dosages he was allegedly taking?
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  15. blowingup72

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    No , it was the $100,000 cycle and some of the fear mongering on things it sounded like he didn't even take but said he did.

    It goes without saying that these guys always wanted to make it seem like they were hyper sensitive to whatever they were taking in order to probably play a bit of a pysch game on their competition, or just downplay the roll of steroids in general.

    But compared to Ronnie or Lee or some of the other guys at least Baker was well spoken and sounded like.he might even actually read.
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    Right, gotcha. But if you're running about 12 UIs of the best Pharma GH all year around + blasting&cruising with the best stuff out there...100.000$ doesnt sound that far fetched (maybe a couple tens of thousands off).
    But yeah, they might not be disclosing everything as it actually is.
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    Wow. That's a shit ton of cash man. Wonder what the food bill looks like for one of those dinosaurs! Unreal how big those boys get.
  18. blowingup72

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    The video was done in the early 90's I believe. I have no idea as to the cost if GH or how easy it was to get but it still seems insane. What is the trade off?

    And according to all the guys it seems the protocol for GH and any insulin use was just prior to a major show and not year round. We are taking 20+ years ago. I think the drug protocols were slightly different then today.

    I don't think blasting and cruising was as prevalent as today.
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    I've heard Jay Cutler claim in a video to spend $100K a year on food alone. Think he said he was buying only organic products. Seems like ridiculous amount to spend though.
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    you're trolling right?o_O