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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Toni72, Feb 17, 2020.

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    Hello friends, I learned a lot here, especially here the people are honest and the comments too .. The differences with the French forums like musclemétal "MeM", the sources pay the forum and make gifts, these not normal , and no quality control is requested, nothing.only pay registration and the source is welcomed like jesus .. The best forum these meso US, thank you all
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    Fuck France USA USA USA
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    I don't mess with the other forums anymore either. I originally was on OLM. I managed to find what I needed but the way meso puts members first and the sources not being able to control the narrative by deleting threads was very refreshing.
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  4. Tiredandhot

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    That's also how every other steroid board with sources operate in the USA. Hence why one must be diligent in their research before choosing a source since admin and mods can cover a bad source.
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    I'm a member of about 10 or so different forums. You see a lot of the same usernames on them.

    However this is the only board I will source on. Raws, gh, ancillaries, ugl gear pharma gear is all here and I have never ever gotten a bunk product. Only had issue with one guy selling gh that took forever to get here..he was in over his head but the stuff came.and was gh.
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    Baguette de Pain
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    This is a good place. I never order from anywhere without checking to see if they’ve withstood the vetting.
    Just be careful some of these threads will suck you in and you’ll have wasted hours reading through 100+ pages.
  8. Mrthor

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    Gh15 was fun board,
    Pm and meso also good.
    Idk any all eu forum
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    @Toni72 Dude, you literally emailed me 1 week before creating this thread, asking me to send you free GH kits. Come on...
  10. Kezo

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    in French forum delete messages if you ask about laboratories that do not "sponsor" them
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    @Toni72 You've been called out bro. And what the fuck is up with that avatar? Shit is disturbing.
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    Toni72, I hope you are well bud. Sorry to bother you, but I saw you comment on the EU source thread (Mr. PedSource). Are you from the EU and if so, do you mind sharing the prices of generic HGH with me? I am considering opening a market for the EU but I am currently gathering some figures to see if it is worth it.

    Again my apologies for bothering you. Have a good day.
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  14. Toni72

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    A client who tries to get a free or cheaper aas or gh is not serious, but a source asking clients for money is very serious ... I asked opti usa if opti europe was solid, no solid answer .. The proof above
  15. Mr.pedsource

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    This is the guy that doesn't like gifts from sources:

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    I say 2x that I will be honest. You wrote to me again today. I pay the doctor and the laboratory and I test your hgh, I don't steal anyone for 1ou2kit at 50dollars your purchase price, you, ask you for money to increase your buissness, you want how much euro? Several thousand euros you want. Be a man, admit the differences!
    Toni = 2kit hgh and I pay doctor and laboratory, I would stay honest!

    Opti Europe = takes thousands of dollars, no guarantee, no honesty. Keeps customer info and message.
    Sorry, if you want thousands of dollars, I have to test the goods honestly and maybe I invest in your buissness
  17. Tiredandhot

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    @Toni72 asking for free stuff? Say it ain't so.
  18. saod

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    Your kind are the worst.
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    Embarrassing, Toni

    I've seen many like him on eroids. I wasn't aware at first until i noticed the same guy on each source. Not at the same time. But he would absolutely rave about one source for a month or so. Then just totally stop. He would then appear on another source raving about them. He is a very high ranking member too. He was clearly getting free stuff on the sly from the sources. Once it stopped he just moved onto the next one
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    I have always been toni72. Nothing is hidden, if I have information on a source, these because I have searched and read a lot, and then I share, I am in Europe, these are not the same system because the gifts are authorized and the sources pay to be in the forums and they are protected. I like 5 sources because the men behind are human and (honest) Pharmasource, androgenix tec, Official meditrope uk, musclefax (steroidsfax), extremblast ... Other sources are also good like hilma, Pharmacom .... But these another story. I can tell you that I had nothing to offer with the sources I am talking about. I got 2x gifts, pharmamax very big gifts and golden labs 1 testo E 1testo p. Continued to write a film with me main actor. Thank you